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How Are Leads Converted Better By 25% With A Chatbot?

Posted by Veronica Fernandez

Nov 13, 2019 9:00:00 AM

In order to generate sales leads easier and quicker, we have adopted technologies to help us do the tough work. With the spread of messengers, virtual chatterbots that imitate human conversations for solving various tasks are becoming increasingly in demand. We have to quickly adapt to the advancing changes to keep our prospects interested.

What is a chatbot?


According to Oxford Dictionaries, a chatbot is “a computer program that can hold a conversation with a person, usually over the Internet.” A great example of a chatbot is a function on your mobile phone, Siri.


Essentially, a chatbot is an automated assistant that communicates with us through text messages, a virtual companion that integrates into websites, applications or instant messengers and helps businesses to get closer to their customers.

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3 Things that Kill Your Conversion Rate

Posted by Veronica Fernandez

Oct 15, 2019 5:49:17 PM

How often do you experience your business the way your customers do? Do you follow a consumer’s journey and see where there are friction points causing you to lose sales? All too often, online retailers lose sight of how their potential and current customers experience their service. The result is a high volume of potential sales winds up as missed opportunities. But on a positive note, three of the most common conversion rate killers are not terribly hard to fix. Read on to learn tips on how to counter these conversion rate killers:
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3 Key Things You Don't Want To Miss At HubSpot's Inbound 2019

Posted by Veronica Fernandez

Sep 20, 2019 4:00:00 PM

Source: The Weidert Group


As a partner working with HubSpot for more than 6 years and one of the pioneers of adopting HubSpot in Singapore, we're excited to share with you some of the key takeaways for HubSpot Inbound 2019.



What is Inbound 2019?

Inbound 2019 is an annual conference held by HubSpot at the Boston Exhibition and Convention Center. The annual conference has nearly doubled in growth since 2015, at a whopping 26,000 number of marketing and sales professionals participating this year. We were the first few to catch the latest updates from the marketing automation and CRM company. Here are some of our top takeaways from the event.


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Topics: Inbound Marketing, HubSpot

Will Google De-index/ Penalise Sites With Fake News in Singapore?

Posted by Veronica Fernandez

Sep 11, 2019 10:01:47 AM

With the popularity of digital media and User Generated Content, comes with the price of the spread of confusing and inaccurate messages, which is more popularly known as "fake news".


Why the sudden shift of attention to fake news in Singapore?

Even without digital media, the attention to fake news has risen over the years. This is especially the case when shops were found promoting their shops with misleading ads such as "closing down sales" and "everything must go", when in fact the shops have been using that slogan for years. The misleading words used to advertise their shops suggested that the items are being sold at huge discounts, which may not be necessarily the case. That's when the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS) stepped in to develop a set of guidelines on honesty and price transparency.

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Netflix's The Great Hack Review - How Your Data Was Used in Elections

Posted by Veronica Fernandez

Aug 30, 2019 11:00:00 AM


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Topics: Digital Marketing, Social Media, Data Protection

The 6 Best National Day Marketing Campaigns in Singapore 2019

Posted by Veronica Fernandez

Aug 20, 2019 4:00:00 PM

The long National Day/ Hari Raya Haji holiday was the best opportunity for local and global brands to involve themselves in the celebration and boost sales. Yet when it comes to developing a marketing strategy around the longest weekend of 2019, it is a challenge to keep your ideas fresh and classy.

If you missed the opportunity to launch a campaign this year, it's not too early to start planning your next – for we have put together a list of National Day 2019 marketing tips to boost sales in Singapore. Read on to discover how brands have done it this year for you to grow your business in 2020.

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Why Should Your Business Have Buyer Personas?

Posted by Veronica Fernandez

Aug 15, 2019 3:00:00 PM



If you've been anywhere near the world of marketing in the last few years, you've probably heard of the term "buyer persona." It's tossed out casually as if everyone has one and everyone knows what it is. But do you know what and how buyer personas can benefit your business?


In an ever-changing and increasing known fact in the digital world that a one-size-fits-all marketing approach no longer works. The growth of your business depends on your ability to effectively target the right audiences for your products and services. This involves creating detailed profiles, also known as buyer personas.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing

Know Your Business' PDPA Rights - Personal Data Violation of FaceApp

Posted by Veronica Fernandez

Jul 26, 2019 11:16:25 AM

If you're a millennial, you might know the latest social media hype that people from Hollywood celebrities to even your 10-year-old niece is following - FaceApp. If you're not a millennial, no worries, we're here to explain what the odd trend is all about.

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Topics: Artificial Intelligence

The Ultimate Cheatsheet to Writing Blog Post Headlines that Drive Traffic

Posted by Veronica Fernandez

Jul 9, 2019 11:35:30 AM


You might not realise it, but your headline could be the reason you're losing traffic. In fact, on average, only 20% of those who read your headline will click through to read your article. If your headline is not compelling, you'll lose up to 80% of your audience.


Why are blog posts important?

Producing reliable, insightful industry news to your visitors pays off. Not only will it increase your reputability, but it will also increase your inbound links.

Inbound links (hyperlinks that go back to your site) are the lifeblood of any website. They’re the currency of the internet because high-quality backlinks, from a variety of sites, give your website a higher rank in search engine results. The more you blog about all things useful, the higher the chances of you getting those inbound links.


What makes a good headline?

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Topics: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Blogging

Okay, Google. Will 50% of searches be voice searches by 2020?

Posted by Veronica Fernandez

Jul 4, 2019 3:44:58 PM



Traditional search is starting to have to share a piece of the pie as an increasing number of voice search options are gaining a strong presence.

The appeal of voice search is the fast and seamless experience of getting information quicker than typing in a search. However, as of right now, it is far from a seamless experience. Plus, there are no robust reporting platforms out there covering it.

For now, the closest workarounds when it comes to determining if a user came to a site via voice search is taking a gander into Google Search Console to see which queries seem more long-tail and conversational, ones in which a person would most likely be speaking, instead of typing.

Having more concrete data around voice search is imperative, and it’s necessary to optimise it for SEO. But we don't have that data yet and it'll take time to get that on hand. While we try to figure this whole thing out with voice search, here are a couple of frequently asked questions or comments about voice search:

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Topics: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Artificial Intelligence

4 Tips to be a Good Inbound Marketer

Posted by Veronica Fernandez

May 25, 2018 5:01:07 PM

The power of selling has shifted from the seller to the buyer. In today’s digital age with a lot of resources online, buyers are the ones searching for solutions to their problems. You will have to be their solution. You do that through Inbound Marketing.

The concept of Inbound Marketing is relatively simple – you attract customers through relevant and helpful content and add value at every stage in your customer's buying journey. Does it sound complicated? No worries at all, read on to found out 4 tips we practice as successful Inbound Marketers.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation Asia, Lead Generation Singapore

4 Reasons Why AI Chatbot is the Future of Lead Generation

Posted by Veronica Fernandez

May 24, 2018 4:56:48 PM

 Imagine a world where people don’t have to be sitting on their desks answering the same old questions again and again. Imagine a world where people can focus entirely on the creative aspect of the work and not be distracted by questions that can be found from the company’s FAQ page. I am addressing the reality that is currently happening.


Live chats are out, AI (Artificial Intelligence) Chatbots are the new trend. With major websites using AI Chatbots to increase overall productivity, it is no doubt that everyone needs to keep up with this new technology for their own websites. We share with you 4 main reasons why businesses should turn to AI chatbots.

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