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Lead Generation in Singapore and Asia

As a Growth Marketing Agency, we offer a comprehensive range of marketing solutions
to help you generate qualified sales leads to grow your business.

Specifically, we specialize in lead generation for growing companies in Singapore and Asia.

We adopt a multi-channel, online-offline lead generation approach that consists of
Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing,
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Search Engine Marketing (SEM),
 and Event Management.

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Lead Generation in Singapore and Asia

What is lead generation in Singapore and Asia?

Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company's product or service.

With a B2C model, it’s far easier to convert cold traffic into paying customers through advertising.

With B2B, a sales cycle is longer, since 94 per cent of B2B buyers conduct some sort of research on the Internet before buying. It is very important for these companies to have a strong web presence.

Why is lead generation important for any business?

Sales leads are the heartbeat for any business that hopes to survive and thrive. Generating quality, cost-efficient leads is an important process within the sales cycle. Understanding what leads are, and how to find them is half the battle in achieving business growth.

Why is lead generation in Singapore and Asia different from that in the U.S.?

Singapore has a unique, multi-racial, multi-cultural environment. Whatever works in the U.S. may not be applicable to the Singapore market. For instance, telemarketing, which may be effective for lead generation in other countries, is not effective at all because of the changes in the consumer behaviours in Singapore. Nowadays, people in Singapore use WhatsApp and email to communicate with each other much more often than using the telephone.

Asia is not a single homogeneous market. Every country in Asia has its unique language, cultural and economic characteristics. The most effective lead generation strategies in one country may be different from those in another country. Therefore, it is important for us to customize lead generation tools for each of the markets in Asia.

The Most Effective Lead Generation Strategy of Today

Today, if you want faster growth and better results for your business, you need to take more lead generation initiatives, generate more high-quality sales leads and most importantly, close more profitable sales.

While the world is increasingly focused on online lead generation techniques, especially Inbound Marketing, there is still a need for both online and offline lead generation strategies working hand-in-hand. Based on our experience, the most effective lead generation strategy is a combination of online and offline marketing programs.

If you have a good understanding of all the factors affecting the lead generation for your business, such as your target audience, their motivation and their preferred incentives for using your products or services, you can use online together with offline marketing strategies to generate excellent sales results.

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Lead Generation Solutions

--- Online Solutions
--- Offline Solutions
Click the various icons to discover how you can benefit from our services.Click the various icons to discover how you can benefit from our services.
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Key Benefits of Our Lead Generation Services for Singapore and Asia

Key Benefits of Our Lead Generation Services for Singapore and Asia

One agency to carry out all of your marketing functions for lead generation in Singapore and Asia

Integration of multi-touch, multi-channel marketing strategy development and implementation all under one roof for lead generation in Singapore and Asia

Access to marketing professionals to support your marketing team for lead generation in Singapore
and Asia

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In this case study, you would be able to find out how we helped Fu Lin Mena chain of Chinese restaurants with more than 20 years of experience – launch digital marketing campaigns in Singapore in order to generate more sales leads to grow their business.
Our Success Stories

The Lead Generation Services That We Offer

Inbound Marketing for Lead Generation in Singapore and Asia

Do you know that you can turn your website into a hard-working salesman for your business, instead of hiring a large number of salespeople to scout for business for you?

Using HubSpot, the World’s No.1 Inbound Marketing and Sales Software, we help you grow your business by attracting more qualified traffic to your website, converting the traffic into sales leads, which will be closed by your sales force as customers.

As a Certified Partner of HubSpot, we can help you manage all the integrated Inbound Marketing and Sales tools, to generate more sales leads for you in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

SEO and SEM for Lead Generation in Singapore and Asia

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) using primarily Google work hand-in-hand to enable your website to be listed on the first page of Google for the keywords that you want and generate lots of qualified leads for your business.

As a Certified Partner of Google Ads, we will ensure that your SEM campaigns will deliver sales leads to your business in a very cost-effective manner.

Social Media Marketing for Lead Generation in Singapore and Asia

In this digital age, it is an established fact that Social Media Marketing can bring in results without the need for deep pockets.

But what makes it effective?

We help you generate word-of-mouth about your products or services and create direct relationships with your prospects and customers through social media platforms. By using the correct content on the correct social media platforms, we expand your networks of fans; engage them regularly and convert them into sales leads for your business in a social media-friendly manner. Eventually, you will be able to turn them into sales.

Email Marketing for Lead Generation in Singapore and Asia

If you're thinking, "Isn't email marketing dead?"

You thought wrong.

Bank of America reports that event-based trigger emails are 250% more effective than broadcast promotional emails.

What about those people who purchase after getting cart abandonment emails spend 55% more than those who buy straightaway?

Here at iSmart Communications, we do just that for you!

We consult with you to understand your business offerings so as to design a series of personalised email messages that educate and nurture your leads about the benefits of your products or services.

We strategize the best practices for email marketing today to reach out to your potential customers. Thereby, we focus on increasing your chances of converting the leads into sales.

Online Ad Campaigns for Lead Generation in Singapore and Asia

We make your online ads work hard for your business through highly interactive creative ideas, and the most effective online media to reach your target audience. In addition, we let you know how successful your online ad campaigns are by generating tracking reports for you regularly.

Business Databases for Lead Generation in Singapore and Asia

With comprehensive and accurate business databases for Singapore, Asia and the world, you will be able to build a faster path from prospects to profitable relationships. Your sales professionals can engage with potential customers to grow your business fast.

Most importantly, there is no wastage of your marketing efforts and funds.

We are the exclusive partner of Tendata in Singapore.

If you are looking for customers, Tendata will provide you with all the detailed information and email addresses of the customers that you are looking for in Singapore and Asia.

If you are a buyer, Tendata can provide you with the best sources for the products that you want and their contact email addresses.

Loyalty Programs for Lead Generation in Singapore and Asia

We believe that customer loyalty plays a significant role in long-term business growth.

Many global leaders in the IT and telecom industries have engaged us to develop online end-user and channel partner loyalty programs, helping them in customer retention and reseller motivation. Be it to reward your customers or to encourage your resellers to close more deals for you, we will deliver a customized program to best meet your business needs.

Advertising and Graphic Design for Lead Generation in Singapore and Asia

Our graphic design team will be able to complement your online marketing programs with traditional offline advertising and graphic design to enhance the overall effectiveness of your lead generation efforts.

Event Management for Lead Generation in Singapore and Asia

With over 10 years of experience in organizing events and seminars for the IT and telecom industries, we are specialized in organizing these types of events.  They are designed to turn prospects into hot sales leads or motivate channel partners to reach greater heights in sales performance.

The Complete DIY Guide to Improving Conversion Rates

Be a Conversion Rate Optimization Expert in 60 Days

The Complete DIY Guide to Improving Conversion Rate Optimization

Everything You Need to Start Improving Conversion Rates

Your website is a one-stop shop for all possible information for your business, products, and services. Traffic from a variety of channels — organic, paid, social, email, and more — will visit your website. It is your job, as a marketer, to not only entice them to your website but also to convert them into something more than a just a visitor.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process marketers go through to turn their website visitors into leads, prospects, and eventually, a customer. While a simple term, in theory, it’s not as simple of a process in practice. CRO requires time, dedication, and a willingness to learn.

We know how daunting and time-consuming CRO can be. That’s why we published an 8-week planner to help you learn and implement a CRO process into your marketing strategy. In just 60 days, you will become a CRO expert for your business and website. 

What's Inside the Conversion Rate Optimization Guide?

  • How to conduct a conversion rate audit
  • Construct hypotheses and prioritize them
  • Identify areas to improve in your funnel
  • Choose the right experiment and split testing 101
  • Understand why and what your users do on your site
  • Analyze and learn from your experiment results


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