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Online Advertising in Singapore and Asia

We make your online advertising work hard for you through highly interactive creative ideas and engaging the most effective online media to reach your target audience.

In addition, we let you know how successful your online ad campaigns are by generating tracking reports for you regularly.

A/B Testing of Facebook Online Advertising For Best Results

We recommend that A/B testing of Facebook Online Ads should be run for each of your campaigns. It lets us change variables, such as your ad creative, audience or placement to determine which ad performs best and improves the results of your advertising campaigns.

Unless you’ve already created a lot of Facebook ad campaigns for your product, it’ll be pretty hard for you to predict what kind of ad design will work better for you or which demographic audience will be more likely to buy your product.

This is where A/B testing of Facebook Online Advertising comes in handy: You can quickly test multiple ad designs and target audiences to uncover the most effective ones.

Guidelines of A/B Testing of Facebook Online Advertising:

  1. Only test one element at a time.
  2. Test elements that have the biggest impact on results first.
  3. For elements that aren’t being tested, use your top performing variables.
  4. Determine metrics for evaluating tests at the beginning. And stick to them.
  5. Kill losers quickly. Increase budgets on the winner quickly.

Other Facebook Ad Elements to Consider Testing Are:

  1. Website Conversion Optimization vs Engagement vs link clicks.
  2. Attribution windows (1-day vs 7-day)
  3. Auto vs Manual bid
  4. Placements (Mobile, Desktop, Instagram, Right column, etc). Make sure creatives are optimized for each placement.
  5. Test using emojis in your ad copy.

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