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Multichannel Ecommerce Integration Systems

Multichannel ecommerce is when an online merchant sells products across multiple marketplaces and platforms, rather than just one place.

Many online sellers choose to adopt this strategy to increase their brand’s exposure and customer reach. This, in turn, translates into more ecommerce sales.

Selling on multiple online marketplaces, your own store and social media channels is a good way to maximize sales volume.

According to data from Stitch Labs, ecommerce merchants who sell products on a marketplace make 38% more than those who just use their own website. Those who sell on two marketplaces increase revenue by 120%.

Looking at these compelling statistics, it’s easy to understand why so many online sellers take a multichannel approach to ecommerce. But instead of repeating routine tasks for every single channel, many of these sellers streamline their workflow by using Multichannel Ecommerce Integration Systems.

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Benefits of Multichannel Ecommerce Integration Systems

Syncing products, inventory, customers and orders from top ecommerce marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee with your ecommerce websites developed on Shopify or Woo-Commerce could be time-consuming and tedious.

In simple terms, Multichannel Ecommerce Integration Systems help you centralize tasks that you would otherwise have to replicate on every platform you sell on.

To improve your workflow, Multichannel Ecommerce Integration Systems also empower you to provide a seamless service to customers, while keeping your inventory, sales, support tickets and customer communications in order.

How Can We Help in Multichannel Ecommerce Integration Systems?

Working with our Multichannel Ecommerce Integration System Partners, we can help you automatically import your ecommerce orders to SQL Accounting, Autocount, QuickBooks or XERO as Invoices, and have the Inventory updated, too. All transactions are recorded in a CRM system. This greatly reduces human error and also frees up your manpower for more value-add work!

You can also get meaningful insights into your multichannel ecommerce business easily to make important management decisions.

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