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Why The IT Industry Should Embrace Digital Marketing


why-it-industry-should-embrace-digital-marketing.jpgSince the turn of the millennium, the globe has witnessed an Information Technology (IT) boom. A decade and a half later, the IT industry is still booming with modern products and services being offered. Consumers are responding with equal zest to these latest innovations by investing their money into these products and services. 

With so much competition in the IT market, companies have started to shift their focus from the product to the marketing techniques. Specifically, the techniques that will give their company an edge over others in attracting customers.

Digital marketing is undoubtedly a popular method, and with good reason. Under the umbrella of digital marketing, you have Social Media Marketing, e-Direct Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing and more. So why are these methods more beneficial and fruitful than traditional marketing? 

Firstly, traditional marketing is extremely costly. Whether it is billboards, newspaper ads or pamphlet distribution, there is a higher cost attached to each one of those methods than digital marketing. Considering the amount of market saturation and competition, IT companies need to spend their marketing budget more wisely, and that is where digital marketing comes in. Digital marketing is far less costly, with a higher ROI.

Moreover, traditional marketing has a very limited reach. Billboards and pamphlets only influence people within a certain vicinity or area. Even television ads are country or channel-specific. With the advent of globalization, the IT industry, like any other industry, needs to go global and target consumers and customers from all corners of the world. They cannot settle for the limited reach anymore.

Considering that IT companies sell technologies that lend themselves well to the online sphere, it seems odd not to embrace digital marketing. Digital marketing is global in its scale in that you can sell to someone who is halfway around the world. At the same time, it can also be targeted to attract only potential customers. This means that you can still choose the audience you’re looking for, instead of getting mass amounts of unqualified leads. The level of brand awareness you can get from digital marketing is unprecedented; why not take advantage of it?

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