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The 5 Secrets to Generating Leads using LinkedIn



LinkedIn can be a very powerful tool to consider when generating leads for your company. There are so many professionals on LinkedIn and it’s a platform you definitely need to check out if you have not done so. The platform may seem complicated at first but it will get easier once you familiarise with it. Here are 5 ways to generate leads using LinkedIn.

1) Be active

The best way to show that your profile is active and that you’re interested in making connections is to post often.
You can use the LinkedIn Today tool to find news within your field and interests. Then you can share that newsworthy content. This is an easy way to add posts and make sure that what you’re sharing is relevant and important. You’ll be seen daily on your LinkedIn network and that will get you noticed. Someone in your network may have a need for your speciality and if they remember seeing that you’re always on top of things in your field, then that could potentially be a new lead.

2) Build out your lead list 

Spend ten minutes a day investigating the connections of your contacts to see whom you don't know personally, but would like to meet. Make a note of those whom you would like to be introduced to. Start first with the "Recommendations," since those are probably the strongest relationships of the LinkedIn user you are viewing.

3) Join relevant groups

LinkedIn groups or in other words, a lead generation goldmine. A group is a community of likeminded LinkedIn professionals, who connect in a dedicated space to share news, information and opinion. There are thousands of groups on LinkedIn covering a whole range of subjects. Think of these groups as pre-sorted pools of prospects, where potential leads are categorized by interest.
Groups are excellent for virtual networking and the more active you are, the more you’ll find your connections and relationships growing. As with any form of prospecting, it can be very time consuming. So be wary of joining too many groups in the first flush of enthusiasm. Focus on a manageable number that you can really contribute to and maintain on a regular basis.

4) Share Advice in LinkedIn Groups

Once you have joined the groups, you should start sharing your knowledge and insight with the very people who you want to work with. 
If, for example, your company sells products or services related to the human resources industry, you should join LinkedIn groups likely to be frequented by industry professionals.
While talking in groups, you need to look out for posts that are getting maximum interaction and get actively involved in them. As you engage, remember to offer advice in an educational way and refrain from self-promotion. Additionally, be sure to share your own thoughts once or twice every week.

5) Use Ads to generate LinkedIn leads

Another method that can help you generate leads instantly is LinkedIn ads. Through LinkedIn ads, you can get across your message and the link to your landing pages in front of your perfect target audience quickly. If you have a good budget you should be able to get several qualified leads in days and weeks rather than having to wait for a long time.
You can then try out using LinkedIn groups and ads. If you require these leads urgently and have the budget for it, you should aim for the ads directly. First, create a test ad on a small budget to see how it converts. If you are satisfied with the results, you can invest more into it.

These are some important tips you can use when starting out with LinkedIn for your business. For more lead generation tips, you can read some of our other blog posts.



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