The Secrets Of Email Workflows For Lead Conversion

The Secrets of Email Workflows for Lead Generation

Inbound Marketing* requires your company to have a business blog, social media accounts, landing pages and marketing offers to attract leads and convert them into customers.

But are your leads getting converted to customers?

This is a question raised by many companies using Inbound Marketing. Once you’ve captured your leads’ information, they get stuck in your marketing funnel. They aren't ready to buy your product or service just yet, so this means that they don't really have anywhere to 'go' in your marketing process. On top of all this, you don't have time to reach out to each lead individually to qualify it as being ready to buy.

So how do you get these leads to become interested enough in your company to want to learn more about your product or service?

This is where lead nurturing comes in. It is the process of turning these valuable leads into customers over a period of time. There are lots of ways to nurture leads, but the most basic and time-effective method is through email workflows.

What is an Email Workflow?

An email workflow is a series of automated emails that are sent to your leads based on their behavior or contact information. With workflows, you can trigger actions based on any information you have about your leads, allowing you to send the right message to the right person at the right time. Your emails become much more relevant, timely, and targeted for each and every lead, as compared to a broadcast email to your entire list. For example, you can send a series of emails to:

  • Leads who have viewed a certain page on your website
  • Leads from companies with more than a certain number of employees
  • Leads from companies in ABC industry or ABC location

Simply put, the benefit of email workflows is you can better engage leads through emails that they find interesting, and also save time by automating the whole process.

When Should You Start Using Email Workflows?

  • You’re generating leads but ignoring the ones that are not immediately ready to buy
  • Your sales team is unhappy with the quality of the leads you’re producing
  • You’re sending the same emails to your entire list
  • You’re collecting valuable lead information, but not using it for segmentation
  • You’re not targeting your offers and messaging based on your leads’ particular needs and interests
  • You’re sending or following up to all of your emails manually.

With this introduction to email workflows, you’ve hopefully been enlightened as to how much it can help you and your business in so many ways to nurture leads into customers.

* Inbound Marketing is a form of digital marketing that involves SEO, Social Media, blog and landing pages to generate sales leads.

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