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Email Marketing: 8 Types Of Emails Singapore Marketers Should Use

Email Marketing: 8 Types Of Email Singapore Marketers Should Use

Email marketing has always been a dominant business practice for Singapore and Asian digital marketers, but the type of emailing deployed is normally carried out in a 'push' manner, e.g. email blasting, therefore it is often associated with traditional 'interruptive' marketing.

The result is lower open rate and higher rate of spam reporting, which is not what you want. On the other hand, email marketing is much better applied within the context of Inbound marketing* when it is used to attract your readers to learn more about your knowledge and expertise, and how your solution can solve their problems. Selling your products or services will take care of itself when you focus on providing tremendous value in your email content first.

So the key to a successful email campaign is to offer a variety of emails that contain brilliant content, calls-to-action and list segmentation. Here are the 8 different types of emails you can send to your prospective customers to further foster your relationship.

  1. Events

There are two mediums in which events can take place—online webinars or offline roadshows. Such events are a great marketing tactic to raise awareness while involving your supporters.

Email is a great channel to promote events or to update your sales leads on the latest news, making it easier to market your product as the marketer interacts directly with the prospective customers in Singapore and Asia.

  1. Content offers

Content creation is one of the best ways to expand your audience and keep your audience engaged. Therefore by giving your audience something useful, such as free guides, webinars, videos or resources, you can grow the number of your supporters.

  1. Product information

People generally do not want to receive these kind of product emails, but most of the companies in Singapore and Asia send it weekly or monthly just to update their customers on their latest products. For each product update, include a large, clear headline with brief descriptions underneath along with images (people like images).

New Call-to-action


  1. New offers

This email is used to describe and promote your future offers with a call-to-action that links to a targeted professional landing page made for the specific offer. This type of email can generate more sales leads to your website.

  1. Follow-ups

When an individual takes an action on your site, such as making a donation, signing up for an event, or downloading an offer, make sure to keep the conversation going with a follow-up email with a note of confirmation attached to it. Calls-to-action or additional information can be included while following up with your customers.

  1. Social media updates

When there are any new updates created in your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Blogs, an email can be forwarded to your customers, in order to keep them updated on a topic you know they are interested in.

  1. Surveys

Using emails to invite your supporters to participate in a short survey is a great way to learn about their recent experience with your organization. However, this could be a difficult task to be accomplished, because of the customer’s busy schedules, especially in Singapore and Asia.

  1. Thank you Emails

Similar to follow-up emails, these emails are more of a courtesy so customers will warm up to your company/brand. It is important to set up an automated 'thank you' email for anyone who fills out a form on your landing pages. These emails are designed to ensure that your organization can show gratitude for the amazing people who took time, effort and money to involve them in your cause.

With all the types of email communication and tools available, email marketing is highly effective in Singapore and Asia. An ideal email marketing campaign is a segmented processes that touch your customers, sponsors, and partners, backed up with personalized emails that provide them with the right type of information at the right time. For tips on making sure your emails get opened, read this blog post.

* Inbound Marketing is a form of digital marketing in Singapore and Asia that involves SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, blogging and creating landing pages to generate sales leads.

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