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4 Enhancements For Your Digital Marketing Expenditure

4 Enhancements For Your Current Marketing Spending

Your digital marketing Singapore budget is always being utilized in several different directions. Sometimes, it is very difficult to know what to invest in to reap the best results. This post is aimed to direct your spending to all the right areas; read on to see which areas are usually heavily invested in, and how you can make the best of your budget spending.

1) Pay-Per-Click Advertising

You would be surprised to know how many businesses invest money in getting paid traffic that just directs to the home page. This will only drain money,  as it generates merely traffic, rather than creating useful leads.


Make sure to use the targeting features in your marketing tools to reach your target buyer personas. Filter your ads by the relevant demographics and search terms on Google. Also, don’t forget to send that traffic to a relevant offer rather than diverting them to the home page. This will help you generate more leads.

2) Purchased Email Lists

Many businesses hunt for new audience by purchasing third-party marketing lists. It does not help readership because the lists of contacts are untargeted.


Rather than annoying your audience with irrelevant content, offer valuable resources on your website that your prospects will gladly sign up for. The marketing list of subscribers you create by doing this will, by their receptive response, subsequently grant you permission to write to them.

3) Paid Press Releases

Press releases have had a long-standing tradition of being the only way to get to the audience; that was before the evolution of Internet. When the Internet began to grow in use, online press releases become a great way to get ranked higher in search results. For instance, Google used to rank websites higher solely based on the number of Inbound links. Using press release websites for SEO is an incredible way to increase your search ranking.


Write the post on your own website. Share it on social media and be the owner of your content. Google favors websites with fresh, original and quality content. This will target the audience that you are looking for.

4) A Mobile App for your Company

Everyone in the crowd is out there with their smartphones and tablets surfing the web and using apps. Apps have become quite accessible, and you may consider creating one for your company. Mobile marketing is a very effective channel for market penetration and capturing attention. Generally speaking, a lot of business websites are not ready for this seismic shift in mobile usage by being mobile-friendly and responsive. Being adaptive to trends means you have a chance to stay on top of your prospects' mind.


At first, it seems like all apps are unique and you would be racking your brain over what kind of app to design for your company. "Push notification" apps are great for boosting user engagement and improving your app's user overall experience. Almost any kind of business would do well to 'push' updates to their prospects and customers to keep them in the loop.

Check the following Q&A threads in Quora to learn more about Push notification design:

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With so many outlets for your precious marketing dollars, it is vital that you put your money where it will work the hardest for you, so that you will be able to target the audience that you have always wanted.

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