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6 Types of Content That You Can Use And Optimise For SEO

As we all know, SEO is more important than ever for digital marketing when everything is going online. The type of content that is being put out plays a huge role in the success of your marketing campaigns.

Thus, content marketing is important and understanding what content will work best for each group of customers.

SEO content comes into the picture as content that is optimised allows more people to be able to find your content more easily on search engines.

The purpose of having SEO content is to attract more visitors to your website by making great content that they’re looking for.


6 SEO content ideas


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Here are 6 SEO content ideas that you can make use of to fulfil different goals to appeal to a different group of audience. There are a few reasons why we create content and that is to either educate, entertain, persuade and convert these audiences into customers.


1. Blogging


Blogging is the most common type of digital content. Especially for smaller businesses, blogging is a common content marketing strategy and these content are the most common ones found on Google.

Blogging is one of the best ways to engage with your audience and attract more new leads to your website if you can provide the answers to the questions that they were searching for.

You can then get people to subscribe to your newsletter to receive more future content from you, nurturing them as leads before they decide to convert.

Maintaining a regular blogging schedule and producing quality content is key to the success of blogs.

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Blog posts help your SEO by targeting more specific keywords and topics that may not fit your main website content. Throughout the blog post that you are writing, be sure to include in the relevant keywords so that Google can pick up on it.


2. Long-form content


Long-form content is more detailed, factual and it makes up the main bulk of your website.

One of the best forms of long-form content is by putting up a comprehensive guide covering a specific topic. Normally, long-form content would include:

  • High word count: They should include over thousands of words and covers the topic in-depth.
  • Authentic sources: The facts that you have stated should be backed up by authentic sources that people will recognise.
  • Making use of visuals: Ensuring that your texts are supported by visuals like images, tables, charts or videos to break up the whole chunk of text so that is more readable.

Long-form content is one of the best SEO content as they are very comprehensive, it offers a lot of value to the readers. It also helps you to cover various targeted keywords which will help Google to rank your content higher.


3. E-books


E-books are another great effective way to attract leads that you can use for years. They can be used to attract interested readers who want to learn more about the topic by downloading your e-book via your website.

The use of an e-book is great for SEO as you are educating your readers by driving conversions. You can drive interested readers into your sales funnel when they sign up to download the e-book. Once they have trust in your brand, you can nurture these leads into conversions.


4. Case Studies


Case studies are great for persuasion and allow visitors to see for themselves what you can provide for them.

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By backing up your claims with data and real-life success stories, you can showcase your solutions on how to solve the problem that your visitors may be looking for.

These are also a great way to put together some research to showoff your expertise in the field.


5. Infographics


People visualise information better with pictures and infographics help to present data in a clear, concise manner.

Infographics are filled with tons of information data and they allow the readers to digest these data in a simple design. They are also a great way to combine different types of statistics into one image.

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These are also great for sharing on social media as people can get a condensed version of the details that they need.

Though images are difficult to have value in terms of SEO, we can change the alt-text for the image so that Google can know what the infographic is about.


6. Videos


Videos are becoming more and more popular as an engaging form of medium over static images or blog posts.

This can also allow visitors to visualise what products or services you offer and get an understanding of how it works. Embed videos in your posts can help to elaborate on the points that you have made.

They are also great for demonstrations and videos can be shared onto social media platforms via YouTube as YouTube marketing is on the rise as well. Make sure to include a call-to-action at the end of your video, and add links to drive people to your landing page for conversions.

How videos help your SEO is that when someone clicks on a video on your page, it reduces the bounce rate of the page and this contributes to Google’s behavioural signals when they are ranking pages for a topic.

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Hence to have a successful content marketing strategy, the types of content that you use are important.

Using different types of content can help to attract new leads and they can help to contribute to your website’s SEO ranking.

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