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Social Media SMART Goals for 2023

Social Media Smart Goals

Social Media SMART Goals

SMART is a goal-setting acronym that makes it easier to meet intended targets. SMART stands for:

S — Specific

M — Measurable

A — Attainable

R — Relevant

T — Time-bound

If your goals meet SMART criteria, you’re more likely to see success. And when it comes to social media, SMART goals are essential to help brands master this medium.

SMART Goal 1: Increasing Brand Awareness

Specific: We want to increase brand awareness by creating and posting new content twice per week.

Measurable: Our goal is a 5% increase in our total number of social media followers.

Attainable: Our followers increased by 2% last month when we began posting content more frequently.

Relevant: Increasing brand awareness will help drive more interest in our products and services.

Time-bound: One month.

SMART Goal 2: Driving Website Traffic

Specific: We want to drive more traffic to our website by increasing the number of referrals from social media sites.

Measurable: Our goal is a 10% increase in traffic from social media sites.

Attainable: Targeted content publishing last month saw a 3% increase in traffic from social sites.

Relevant: More website traffic means more users browsing our products and services.

Time-bound: Six months.

SMART Goal 3: Getting More Leads

Specific: We want to get more leads from social media sites by creating content that encourages users to share their contact information.

Measurable: Our goal is to generate 10 new leads per week.

Attainable: Previous efforts at engaging content have increased the total number of users subscribed to our newsletter.

Relevant: More leads means more opportunities to find prospective buyers.

Time-bound: Four weeks.

SMART Goal 4: Boosting User Engagement

Specific: We want to increase the number of users that interact with our social media posts by creating more compelling content.

Measurable: Our goal is 30 shares per week.

Attainable: Our last engagement campaign saw a measurable increase in post comments.

Relevant: Increased user engagement leads to more hashtags and mentions and in turn drives more website traffic.

Time-bound: Two months.

SMART Goal 5: Improving Customer Service

Specific: We want to improve social customer service by ensuring that customers receive timely and relevant answers to their questions.

Measurable: Our goal is to reduce customer waiting time for responses by 20%.

Attainable: Leveraging social media marketing apps helped us streamline the messaging process.

Relevant: Improved customer service means higher satisfaction and increased consumer loyalty.

Time-bound: Three weeks.

SMART Goal 6: Enhancing Brand Reputation

Specific: We want to enhance brand reputation by better understanding customer sentiment.

Measurable: Our goal is to increase positive brand mentions by 30%.

Attainable: Analysis of customer hashtags helped pinpoint key areas of frustration.

Relevant: Better brand reputation means increased customer trust and leads to more reliable conversion rates.

Time-bound: Four months.

SMART Goal 7: Creating More Conversations

Specific: We want to create more conversations by increasing our total number of followers on Facebook.

Measurable: Our goal is to boost the total number of Facebook followers by 5%.

Attainable: Efforts to engage our Twitter community resulted in a 10% boost to conversations over time.

Relevant: More conversations means more brand mentions — and potential referrals.

Time-bound: Two months.

SMART Goal 8: Understanding Your Customers

Specific: We want to gain a better understanding of customers to better align with their expectations by evaluating the types of posts they comment on.

Measurable: Our goal is to collect and analyze customer data to discover key trends.

Attainable: Evaluation of customer pain points provided insight into what they didn’t like about our social presence.

Relevant: Better knowledge of customer preferences helps tailor content to meet their needs.

Time-bound: One month.

SMART Goal 9: Tracking Your Mentions

Specific: We want to track the number of mentions by both journalists and influencers.

Measurable: Our goal is to increase the total number of press mentions by 25%.

Attainable: Previous PR efforts have led to increased press interest.

Relevant: Mentions in the press or by influencers can drive both social and website traffic.

Time-bound: During the length of the PR campaign.

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