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Link-Building Services & Strategies


Link-building isn’t easy, especially if you want it to be done right. If your goal is to get more organic traffic through high search engine rankings, you can start building high-quality backlinks today.

Right now, only thematically relevant backlinks are good enough to move the needle.

Fast page load times and mobile-optimized websites are the essential cornerstones of modern on-site SEO, but for Google to rank you alongside the most trusted authorities in your niche, you will need to back it up with strong off-site SEO. Indeed, this means obtaining backlinks from thematically-relevant sources – Google sees this as a vote of trust.

Best link-building services is a self-service platform that acts as a middleman between backlink seekers and webmasters willing to publish your content on their blog. The marketplace is enormous and constantly growing. This is an excellent solution for SEO professionals who prefer to have more autonomy by taking matters into their own hands. It lets you choose the blogs you want to publish your content on. As long as you can provide well-written content that’s relevant to their niche, it’s almost impossible not to strike a deal – this is a win-win relationship between you and the blogger who has already expressed their interest! is a managed guest posting platform and one of the best link-building services to source highly relevant editorial links. Even if you know nothing about SEO, their friendly team of experts will take you by the hand and devise a custom-tailored SEO strategy just for you. RankZ has a broad database of bloggers from every niche who are willing to link back to you in exchange for quality content.

Best White Hat SEO link-building strategies

Resource pages

Resource Pages are a comprehensive guide featuring helpful guidance on pressing matters (examples include COVID-19, the Ukraine crisis, and similar). Writing in-depth resources on trending or niche topics that save time and are helpful will earn you the highest quality links for free. When writing content, you should be willing to go above and beyond to help your audience in any way you can. If you take the concept of writing helpful resource pages and combine it with laser-focusing on trending topics that people are searching for, it won’t take much convincing for other people to link to you.

Moreover, since you’ll be utilizing the power of #hashtags that are trending when sharing your content on social media, people will organically flock to your website even before it starts ranking on Google.

Guest posting

Gain powerful editorial backlinks in exchange for content. Guest posting simply works. It’s one of the most efficient ways to secure high-quality backlinks from virtually any niche of your choosing. If the webmaster takes you up on your offer, this effectively grants you access to high-quality editorial backlinks, which are some of the most powerful ones you can get. By favoring editorial backlinks, Google promotes the distribution of helpful and well-written content. It’s a win-win arrangement for everyone involved! The webmaster gets amazing content for free for their readers to enjoy, and you get a powerful backlink.

“Parasite” websites (with high Domain Authority)

Utilize high DA websites that can rank for low-to-medium competition keywords on their own. How would you like to ride the waves of another website’s authority and capitalize on its high search engine rankings? With the so-called “parasite” SEO strategy, you can quickly claim the top spots in Google for low-to-medium competition keywords.

There are numerous websites you can use for this purpose, with some of the best being:

– Medium

– LinkedIn Pulse

After registering, simply publish an article there, and the platform will let you insert a backlink. Granted, it will have the “no follow” attribute, but the strategy is worth pursuing for the direct clicks your website will receive alone.


Create eye-catching materials that people distribute without you even asking. Infographics have long been a closely guarded secret and a potent link-building weapon in the hands of the best link building services and their clients. Much like press releases, once created, infographics are the kind of content people will happily distribute on their own without you having to lift a finger, provided the content (and its presentation) is truly something remarkable.

Granted, not every topic will perform equally well, so you have to do your due diligence. In general, info-based topics that are packed with stats tend to perform well (hence the name “info”-graphics). When brainstorming ideas, make sure to think about what kind of statistics or facts would invoke the “WOW, I didn’t know that!” response in your readers. Because let’s face it – some statistics are just plain boring. And content that makes people yawn won’t get shared.

Broken link building

Get a free backlink in exchange for fixing other people’s broken links. This backlinking strategy is severely underutilized, but if executed correctly, it could net you some high-quality editorial backlinks.

Blog commenting

Get direct traffic by adding value to the discussion. Although blog commenting shouldn’t be your primary link-building strategy due to it yielding nothing more than “no follow” links that don’t count for much, the best link building services still recommend using it in modesty

As long as you focus on acquiring backlinks slowly and steadily, your search engine rankings will gradually improve. Consider working with the best link-building services to take some of the burdens off your shoulders – building quality backlinks is hard work after all.

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