8 Tips To Help You Increase Your Email Engagement



Every day, 124.5 Billion business emails are sent/received. With time being of the essence, businesses are all vying for the attention of their email recipients. A marketing email is different from the ones you send to your family and friends. You’re not just sharing information; you are also driving engagement to support your business.

Here are 8 tips to help you increase your email engagement and ultimately, drive conversions.

1. Have a Clear Focus

A good email marketing campaign has a single clear goal and focus. Don’t try to accomplish too much in your emails. The purpose of your email could be to ask people to read a blog post, download an eBook or even sign up for a free assessment or demo. Having a singular goal enables you to measure the effectiveness of your email. Make use of powerful words to persuade people to take action.

2. Preview Text

Preview text is the small line of text which follows the subject and briefly introduces the recipients to the email’s content. Writing a succinct pre-text header gives you a better chance of someone opening your email. Limit to under 50 characters to provide a summary of what your email offers. Focus the more important content at the beginning of your preview text.

3. A Good Subject Line

You may have passed the test for spam but do not rejoice just yet.
There is a lot of competition for attention in a person’s inbox. Does your subject line stand out from the crowd? The worse scenario is your email will be deleted if it is not relevant to your target audience. (email recipient) Next, either your email will be opened (best case) or ignored.

Here are some tips to make your subject line more outstanding:

- Easy to understand
- Limit to 50 characters or less
- Use an active voice (To entice the recipient to open)
- Avoid spammy languages like Save, Buy, Free
- Personalise by including the recipient’s name
- Ensure it aligns with your email

4. Is it beneficial?

Sometimes, saying something is useful is not enough. Explain the benefits and tap into your audience’s emotion. Paint a picture of your content (in the case of an eBook) will educate them further about their challenge or pain point.

5. Make it Visually Appeal

Including visuals in your email can increase the engagement of your emails. Well-designed elements can help to compel your recipients to take the desired action. Include relevant and powerful images which help support your content and prominent CTAs to drive and improve your click-through rate.

6. Invoke Urgency

If you have a limited time offer or promotion, create emails that employ a sense of urgency or a FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). The psychology of FOMO compels people to take action. Make use of such tactics (sparingly) in your subject lines, preview or even your body. Targeted recipients of such emails may not want to miss out on a deal (webinar, content offer, promotion), so they’ll likely to open the email and follow up with the desired action.

7. Keep Content Short

Adhere to the rule that people are impatient and have a short attention span. Hence, the message in your emails should be short and should not take to read. Your argument is generally briefly and yet, convincing. If it is lengthy, try to keep only the most important information above the fold. So, even if someone is scanning your message, they’ll still see the most relevant content.

8. Make use of Statistics

Using statistics helps to validate your claim and also makes you seem credible. However, ensure that our numbers and examples are truthful. Your statistics can sometimes help to show value and persuade your readers to take specific actions.

With these 8 tips, you should be ready to conquer your next email marketing campaign. And with analytics, you can carry out A/B testing to strive for continuous improvement in your email marketing performance.

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