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Why You Can't Rely On Inbound Marketing Alone

Why Can't You Rely On Just Inbound Marketing Alone?Nowadays, Inbound Marketing* is becoming increasingly popular due to its effectiveness and cost-efficiency.

However, what happens when you’re not selling a product or service that is in high-demand (high volume of Google searches)?

1) What if no one is looking for your solution?

Prospects are not always searching for your solution or informative content, and hence your product.

While Inbound marketing strategies allow you to increase your digital presence, it is unlikely that Inbound Marketing alone will generate enough leads to sustain your niche business. Hence, there is a need for a certain amount of traditional, outbound marketing such as online advertising (e.g. search engine marketing) and email marketing.

2) Prospects are comfortable where they are—unaware they have an issue.

Studies show that one of the major obstacles the Inbound Marketer faces is the status quo. When it’s your prospect’s decision to do nothing, often because they do not realize they have a problem.

Thus, as your prospects are unaware of their issue, they do not actively search for a solution—and in turn, you.

If you want to better promote your products, you’ll need to challenge the status quo of your prospective customers.

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Hence Inbound Marketing is not enough to acquire leads.

HubSpot, the World’s #1 Inbound Marketing Platform, has also seen this gap. They have integrated Outbound Marketing tactics such e-mail marketing along with marketing automation with Inbound Marketing features to help generate more leads for their customers.

Traditional Marketing isn’t dead.

Advantages of Traditional Marketing (particularly native advertising) include that the advertiser creates a focused and direct message and is able to control when, where and how it is seen by the targeted audience.

So Outbound Marketing and Inbound Marketing can not only co-exist but complement each other. The best marketing strategies incorporate both dimensions of Inbound and Traditional, Outbound Marketing, and find the balance between the two to maximize ROI.

* Inbound marketing is a form of digital marketing that involves SEO, Social Media, blog and landing pages to generate sales leads.

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