The Best Kept Secrets for Successful Facebook Marketing!


Facebook is one of the most popular social networking platforms in the world! This is extremely good news for marketers because more users equal more potential customers.

Let me run you through the 5 best Facebook Marketing tips for digital savvy marketers:

1. Repackage Past Successful Content In New Ways


Most marketers do not believe in recycling content even if it was a success. They generally prefer to write an original, perfect piece of content from scratch each and every time. As a result, loads of time and energy is spent in trying to figure out how to replicate that successful piece of content.

If you want to be a good marketer, you must learn to recycle and repackage content that was successful in the past, by either writing about it from another angle, or reposting it at a different time to attract a unique target audience. 

2. Use Facebook Videos

fb vid

Videos are exceptionally good marketing tools for marketers since they are visual, entertaining, and can be shared easily. Point to note, always remember to create informational and entertaining videos related to your business.

Facebook videos are easy to create as they are generally quite short (for viewing on the go), and they tend to have higher rates of engagements. If you have an upcoming special event or campaign, think about using Facebook Live as well!

3. Create A Facebook Group

fb group gif

Creating a Facebook group is an amazing way to develop a community of like-minded individuals, which can in turn lead to in-depth discussions. Members of the group can share stories, reviews and their experiences as well.

As a marketer, this kind of data is useful as it gives more insight into your company/brand engagement, and you can also use this group to build your reputation and make your stand as a thought leader or influencer.

4. Encourage Reviews

leave-review-popupIf you have acquired a large fan base for your brand through social media, you can always encourage them to leave reviews about your business. Positive reviews help create a good impression of your company, and increases your credibility as a whole.

Even if a review is not positive, it gives you feedback on which aspects of your company to improve on. Don't forget! Always make sure to apologise and reply to negative reviews/comments and promise to improve. This is crucial step in building a sense of credibility in customers towards your brand.

5. Include A Call-to-Action (CTA)


Many social media marketers always make a mistake of not including the CTA button and then expect high brand engagement. It is important for marketers to explicitly state what they would like the viewers to do, by including CTAs such as, “Comment with your thoughts”, “Share this if you agree” etc. This guides the viewers to take action, which will increase engagement rates.

I hope you enjoyed the read and don't forget to follow these steps while creating a successful Facebook Marketing Campaign!

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