6 Secrets of Successful Video Marketing Campaigns

Cisco’s white paper predicts that by 2020, IP video traffic will be 82 percent of all consumer Internet traffic. If that doesn’t sound impressive, remember that video inherently already provides more engagement and more visual appeal than reading a text.

More and more companies use video platforms like Netflix, YouTube and Facebook to market their products, so if you want to communicate with your customers better, while attracting new targets at the same time, follow these easy video marketing tips:


1) Manage Your Budget and Expectations 

It’s crucial to know how much you’re investing on the video, whether you’re capable of creating it, and your expected return. If you’ve got a very tight budget, try not to assume you’d get an entire studio and top-notch equipment for the video shoot. Instead, you may need to recruit a freelancer to do it outdoors on the go, or even produce the video yourself. This doesn’t impact the message you’re trying to get across, as long as you tweak your story content to fit in.

2) Keep It Short

It’s important to know that in the online world, a goldfish-like attention span is normal. Don’t expect them to test their patience on lengthy content; if your video is short and sweet, people are more willing to watch it and engage with it. Try to get your message across in less than a minute. 

3) Create An Appealing Story

People like to watch videos that inspire them in some way or form. Try to brainstorm some interesting ideas for your video and think about how it can inspire them to do whatever you want them to do. You don’t have to shove the product in their faces to make this work; you can make these ideas into fun and engaging stories instead that help them feel connected to the person in the story.

4) Be Interactive
Making an interactive video campaign is innovation at its best, as it allows customers to participate in the video and influence its outcome. This dynamic technique increases consumer engagement significantly, and by enabling the audience to make decisions, you can collect valuable raw data about your customers’ behavior.

5) Add A Call-To-Action Button
Why waste the last few moments of promotion by allowing your video to fade to black? It’s absolutely necessary to utilize the last few seconds at the end of video to plug your contact information along with an enticing call-to-action button. Don’t waste it! It could considerably increase your chances to earn conversions on your product.

6) Upload Your Video To Multiple Platforms
Once your video is ready for promotion, post it on as many video platforms as you can. Some social media platforms such as Facebook, Wechat, Twitter, and YouTube offer free uploads of videos. The more exposure your video has, the more views it will gain!

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