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Introducing LinkedIn's 2 New Tools For Inbound Marketing

LinkedIn has introduced 2 tools to improve your social media marketing a bit smarter. Content Marketing Score assists you in measuring your company's success and Trending Content provides insights into what successful content looks like, giving you much more in-depth context.

On top of measuring your success with LinkedIn marketing analytics, these 2 tools offer some additional LinkedIn-specific recommendations that can be coupled and tracked with your existing tools. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have more data that is actionable and specific?

Let us take a deeper understanding of these tools and look at how you can use them in your marketing campaigns.

Content Marketing Score

LinkedIn's Content Marketing Score provides the data you need to grow your company's presence. It measures the members' engagement with your "Sponsored Updates", "Company Pages", "LinkedIn Groups", "Employee Updates", and "Influencer Posts" if applicable, and ranks you against your competitors based on these criteria.

You can filter your score results and compare them against others in the same region, seniority, company size, job function, and/or industry. LinkedIn will also give you recommendations for improving your score over time.

The competitor data is a great tool especially for viewing who you are matched up against and how you perform against them, which can be eye-opening. 

If your company wants to take a deep dive into optimizing its LinkedIn presence, these metrics will be very helpful in mastering the first step of LinkedIn, which is engaging your followers. If you are interested in getting the full picture of how your LinkedIn marketing drives results, you can supplement your Content Marketing Score with the rest of your marketing analytics.

Trending Content

One crucial aspect of developing an Inbound Marketing* strategy is to be on top of the current happenings in your industry. It is important to know the current issues if you plan on creating compelling content that will generate traffic and leads. Having an RSS feed set up on top websites to get news from is a good start. LinkedIn's Trending Content is an additional tool for your industry monitoring list.

This interactive tool reveals the most popular content on LinkedIn for each different audience and topic segment, such as automotive, executive, financial services, health and pharmaceuticals, high-tech, IT, marketing, small businesses, students, and venture capitalists. You can pick your segment and view top shared articles and topics from posts and Influencers Channel on LinkedIn.

Aside from LinkedIn, you can boost your marketing efforts with other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter! To achieve that, read up on these tools that will help you optimize these channels.

* Inbound marketing is a form of digital marketing that involves SEO, Social Media, blog and landing pages to generate sales leads.

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