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Drip Marketing


Consumers in every market are constantly receiving texts, emails, and ads from different companies trying to get their attention — so how can your brand stand out and stay top-of-mind? One way is via drip marketing.

Drip marketing helps marketers maintain constant contact with both current and prospective customers by constantly reminding them of available products, services, and special offers. But what is drip marketing, and how can it benefit your business?

What is drip marketing?

Drip marketing is a type of communication strategy in which a constant flow — or 'drip' — of pre-written marketing materials is sent to customers or potential leads over time. While these messages can be in the form of various media, email marketing is the most common.

In the early days of drip marketing, paper mail and flyers were mailed to recipients on a marketing list or after they made initial contact with the business. Of course, as marketing adapted to the digital age, drip marketing in the form of social media and email marketing became more popular.

How does drip marketing work?

The way drip marketing works depends on the medium being used. The three most common mediums are email, social media, and direct mail.

Email Drip Marketing

Email drip marketing typically begins with an online form a prospect or customer fills out. Once the form is completed, that person is entered into an autoresponder program that will send automated emails from that point forward.

The emails can be personalized with the contact's name and specific mentions of the action they took.

Social Media Drip Marketing

Social media's role in drip marketing is becoming more and more common in the digital world. With this form of drip marketing, social media accounts are consistently updated with texts, photos, or videos surrounding a particular marketing effort.

For example, a social media account for a TV network might market for a particular show premiere by releasing behind-the-scenes clips, photos, or graphics to build audience excitement.

Direct Mail Drip Marketing

Direct mail has long been used in drip marketing efforts and has seen many updates over the years in the form of software and digital printing. These advancements have made direct mail more automated, personalized, and easier to manage.

No matter the method used, a common trend in drip marketing is the "Law of 29." This unwritten rule in marketing says most prospective customers will not buy something until they have seen an ad for it at least 29 times. While 29 may be a bit too specific, the point remains that a key to generating lead generation is staying top-of-mind for potential customers by continuously creating points of connection.

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