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How Does Blogging Help Inbound Marketing?

How Does Blogging Help Inbound Marketing?Not surprisingly, a blog is considered one of the most effective platforms for Inbound Marketing*. An estimated 73% of the businesses use blogging for marketing purposes.

More significantly, a blog is nothing but an amalgamation of experiences, ideas and thoughts, giving insight to readers from the writer's perspective.

There are 3 compelling reasons for Inbound marketing companies to use blogs as their marketing platform.

Regular Blogging Increases Traffic

Blogging is an easy way to increase traffic to your company's website. The more links to your website you have listed on Google, the better opportunity you have for web searchers to find your blog and your product.

Acting on advice, some businesses have doubled their blog articles and experienced double the traffic to their websites. According to HubSpot, businesses get 59% more traffic after increasing the number of blogs articles from 100 to 200 and those who blog 20 times/month get 5 times more traffic than businesses that blog 4 times/month.

All you need is an hour out of each day to blog, and trust that you offer remarkable, value-adding content that compels your readers to share over social media. You'll definitely see an increase in web traffic.

Quality Blogging Generates Leads

Regardless of the niche or nature of the business, blogging is is instrumental to generating leads. B2B and B2C companies who blog frequently get 70%–80% more leads respectively than those which don't.

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Optimized Blogging Improves Search Engine Rankings

Blogging also increases your online presence as more blog posts get indexed in search engines. Use choice keywords in your articles and also list out the keywords, topics, and categories you want your business to be associated with.

As you blog on a wide range of topics (your business, industry, product, customer lifestyle etc.), you naturally build up your keyword database; therefore use related words and expressions as much as possible when writing your posts.

Gone are the days when companies and advertisers could simply assert a message and the public would immediately buy into it. With the growth of the Internet, you now have access to expert opinions and reviews that were, in the past, harder to come by.

When your business contends that you're an expert in your field through blogging, not only do you improve SEO and web presence, you increase your ability to turn potential customers into actual customers. Having your own corporate blog increases your chances of attracting and delighting visitors like any other blog-savvy companies. The best part is your time, effort, and money that go into producing insightful articles are far more minimal than that of producing more intensive promotional materials.

There are many marketers who have implemented blogging strategies to experience drastic improvement to their business.

Why not follow in these marketers' footsteps and implement their ideas to grow your business through blogging?

* Inbound Marketing is a form of digital marketing that involves SEO, Social Media, blog and landing pages to generate sales leads.

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