4 Types Of Engaging Content For Facebook For Business


This blogpost is extracted by Charing Kam from our new eBook, How To Use Digital Marketing To Grow Your Business.

You see this on Facebook Business pages all the time: from initial posts every day, it dwindles to once a week, and then it just…stops, except for the occasional promotional post. Social media content might seem like just a collection of short blurbs, but in practice, it isn’t easy to consistently post every day.

To help you fill up those 30 blanks in your monthly content calendar, we’ve put together a handy list of 4 types of content that can be created quickly and efficiently (and most importantly, ahead of time!)


1) Pre-Existing Blog Posts

Does your website have a blog? If so, you have a treasure trove of content that can be easily republished to Facebook. As long as the content hasn’t lost its relevance (i.e. time-specific posts), you could just republish old or upcoming blogposts to Facebook at least once a week.

If you’ve already posted it on Facebook, though, you could make a quick change to the caption and the image and…taa-daa! You now have another post for Facebook.

A quick note: Don’t republish the same posts more than five times, and try to vary the time you post so as to avoid the same audience viewing the same posts.

2) Holiday Celebration Posts

Every country has national holidays and festivals. Know that your audience will be celebrating them, and that they will appreciate a brand that celebrates right along with them. Post a simple image with a “Happy ___ Day!” caption, and ask your fans how they celebrate the day. Your engagement, from likes to comments, is sure to be high, because it’s such a simple and non-committal post for fans to approve of.

3) Events Posts

Are there industry events that your company consistently participates in? Post photos from the event! Does your company celebrate the founder’s birthday? Or hold team building activities? Post a picture from the parties! Giving your fans a look into your company culture will help to build credibility and trust, and can be penned into the social media calendar once the date of the event is confirmed.

4) Industry News Posts

Every field of study has a popular industry news source, whether it be industry periodicals or newsletters. If interesting news comes up that affects your field of work (but isn’t directly praising a competitor), then post that on Facebook with a short quip about the content affecting your industry. Of course, this can’t be precisely planned ahead of time, but you can always allow space on your social media calendar for ‘Industry News’ posts (every Monday, for example) and then source for the news on the day. 

To make this even easier, mark down articles that catch your eye, and keep a handy list of interesting Industry news articles to pull from.

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