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3 Reasons Why Traditional Marketing Is Dead

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Traditional marketing used to be successful decades ago, when consumers only had access to certain mass media, like Television and Newspapers. Due to the high cost of traditional advertising, not many brands could afford to advertise.

While this type of marketing used to work, consumers have become more technology-savvy in recent years. In particular, technology has changed how people interact with brands and marketing messages. Here are 3 reasons why traditional marketing is dead:

1. Traditional Content Is Temporary

Unlike online content, traditional content is temporary. Consumers are not able to search for magazines, newspapers and TV shows once they have been published or finished airing. On the other hand, internet content is forever. All the blog posts you uploaded online will still be accessible years later, for as long as your servers are up. As such, consumers can always have access to your message, as long as you don’t take the content down.

2. Traditional Marketing Is Not Targeted

Traditional marketing involves producing content for the masses. Advertisements in newspapers and shopping malls will catch the eye of everyone who walks by, and are not able to speak to a specific audience. Now, digital marketing allows marketers to target a particular group of individuals accurately. With the use of email marketing, digital marketers can also personalize their emails to the recipient, and track the actions of the recipient after these emails are sent.

3. Traditional Marketing Is Hard To Track

Traditional marketing does not allow marketers to track their progress and their marketing returns from a particular channel. For instance, they are not able to analyse the increase/decrease in revenue from a particular advertisement in a shopping mall. On the other hand, digital marketing allows marketers to analyse the return on investment for a particular ad on a particular platform. They can then choose the best performing ads and platforms and reuse them for the next marketing campaign.

In a nutshell, the only way for brands to survive in this evolving digital environment is to adapt to the changes and start implementing digital marketing strategies.


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