3 Tips To Enhance Your Content Marketing


content-is-king-1132259_1920.jpgContent marketing is becoming a widely-adopted approach in B2B marketing. Consistently creating and applying a meaningful, useful, and successful content marketing strategy, however, is not easy. In order to maximize the positive effects of your content marketing campaign, you need to constantly be working on perfecting your content in order to attract the correct type of attention and reaction from your prospects. Here are three tips for launching content marketing.

1. Adopt A Multimedia Approach 

Content doesn’t just mean written articles; for many consumers, the absorption of content can come through written, visual or even aural. In that sense, you have to go beyond only written content in order to capture the attention from your target audience. Instead of spending tons of time to produce an entire new piece of information, learn to repurpose content in different media formats. Video, for example, is projected to represent 79 percent of global web traffic by 2020, so don’t hesitate to include product launch and demo videos. You can also use live broadcasting (using Facebook Live, for example) to stream industry events, workshop sessions or even do a Q&A. 

2. Always Remember ‘The Rule of Seven’
The concept of the Marketing ‘Rule of Seven’ is well-known; audiences need to have seven interactions with your business before they’ll take action. In content marketing, this means that your leads have to be slowly nurtured with high quality content before they are ready to be sold to. Useful and educational content should hence be provided first, bringing them down the buyer’s funnel, instead of immediately bombarding prospects with your product offers. This helps them be aware of your brand’s presence and also get useful information, causing them to be more likely to trust your brand. Cooperate with your team to create a workflow based on this rule of seven, to see how you can interact with your leads via email, blogposts, or social media.

3. Use User-Generated Content(UGC)

Building trust is key for content marketing; if your customer doesn’t believe you, it doesn’t matter what you say. To accelerate this trust-building exercise, content marketers work with people who have already built that trust with the target audience. Indeed, the most persuasive content is not created by the company, but by other users. This is the reason why influencer marketing is always used in connection with content marketing. There are many key opinion leaders (KOLs) who have already created content that is available online. You can tap on those to collate articles based on expert or industry opinion, or work directly with the KOLs to create targeted content.

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