Why Should Your Website Be On the 1st Page of Google?

google-490567_1280.pngMillions of businesses, bloggers and artists want to be visible to everyone looking for their products or services. They compete aggressively for the first-page of Google for the keywords relevant to their websites.

Google is the #1 search engine in the world and it provides for almost 12 billion searches a month. 93% of all buying decisions start with an online search.  The key to receiving traffic through Google is to achieve first-page rankings:


Google Click-through Traffic

Page 1  


Page 2



Page 3            



Page 4            



(Source: Research conducted by SEO Professionals)

So, if your website is not on the front page of Google, you're missing out almost all the traffic from Google. Getting found online when people type in a phrase or keyword is now so important that companies can rise or fall due to their results in a Google search. Everyone is aiming for the #1 position on Google because that’s where most of the click-through takes place.

A number 1 ranking in Google organic listings is most valuable because you do not pay for the clicks, and you attract more visitors and the highest click-through rate.

Ways to be the #1 on Google Search

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the process of making web pages as relevant as possible for the desired keywords so that Google will list them for top rankings in organic listings.

URLs play vital role in search engine optimization. Be sure to choose a URL that includes the keyword that you want. Clean, clear and optimized URLs will help you achieve top rankings on Google fast.

Simple SEO might be all your website needs to get better rankings in Google.

  • Selection of right keywords

Keywords are the words that clearly and very specifically describe what you do. The keywords you aim for matter. Some keywords are more popular than others, so you need to consider which keywords to aim for. It can increase your click-through rate. But that doesn’t mean you should stuff keywords or try to manipulate the search algorithm.

In competitive niches, you will need to pay Google to be #1 using Google Ad Words. Google Ad Words is typically the fast way to get to number one for valuable and competitive keywords and key phrases.

  • Good reputation

Getting to number one in Google search is largely depending on the reputation of your website and how relevant pages are to keyword queries. This needs to be manipulated to get the best out of a website. Your reputation is increased by the number of quality web pages that link to your site and by having good content on your site.

Don’t worry – with practice, it gets easier. In time, rankings come – but only with good content.

Now that you know the importance associated with the #1 position and made it to the front page but how do you drive targeted organic traffic to your site?

The Simple answer is: Improve your Click-Through Rate (CTR).

It is best described as the percentage of impressions that results in a click to a web page. The average click-through rate on Ad Words paid search ads is about 2%. Accordingly, anything over 2% can be considered an above average CTR. That means 94% of users prefer the organic search listings. Here we provide you with some figures on average click-through rates on page 1 of organic search.

Page 1 Average Result 1                    29.6%

Page 1 Average Result 2                    13.1%

Page 1 Average Result 3                    9.2%

Page 1 Average Result 4                    6.5%

Page 1 Average Result 5                    4.9%

Page 1 Average Result 6                    3.6%

Page 1 Average Result 7                    3.0%

Page 1 Average Result 8                    2.6%

Page 1 Average Result 9                    2.2%

Page 1 Average Result 10                  2.1%

(Source: Research by Companies like Catalyst from 2002-2015)

 Simple ways to increase your Click-Through rate in organic search:

  • Create attention-grabbing and compelling titles. (Tip: Analyzing viral headlines is the best bet)
  • Strategically optimized Meta descriptions. (Tip: Clear, Interest-Piquing and include main key word)
  • Add rich snippets. (Tip: The most effective are in the form of star ratings and customer reviews)
  • Optimize URLs. (Tip: Include main keyword that compels users to click it as the keyword is highlighted)

Now you have got the four simple ways to improve your CTR on Google. However, there are no shortcuts. Your content has to be great, or your clicks and visitors will bounce off the moment they arrive.Google Tips and Free Advertising