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Why SEO Trumps Outbound Marketing In Generating Sales Leads For Your Company

Seo-over-outbound-marketing.jpgThe Internet has become an important part of our world. Everyone, from individuals to small businesses and multi-national companies is learning to tap on the power of the digital world to enhance their business and productivity.  Google is now many people’s first port of call when they need answers to a burning question or nagging doubt.

How then, do businesses and corporations launch themselves intelligently and effectively in the digital world? For businesses used to the methods of the past, the online world can be intimidating. It seems like too much information to take in, too many new methods to learn. Should you stick to the tried and tested marketing methods, or adapt to the new methods of marketing?

“Just Google it” has become a common response to people looking for an answer to a question. People search for answers on Google. As a business looking for new prospects, you want to be discovered for your expertise. The world refers to search engines such as Google when they are looking for a solution to a problem.

But, with so many companies and businesses competing in your business space, how do you stand above your competition? In this case, the best way of putting your business at the forefront of people’s searches is through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

SEO allows your company to appear on top of search engine results when there is a query for specific keywords related to the product or service that your company is offering. SEO has become a professional business in itself as more companies understand the need to be both visible and attractive in the digital space.

Companies offering SEO services are experts in providing the business the ability to market their company and brand through targeting specific keywords describing their service and products.

SEO can be a cost effective and worthwhile form of digital marketing for your company by doing the following

  • Increasing the number of visitors to the company’s website
  • Improving brand awareness for specific products and services
  • Increasing the inflow of inbound leads; i.e people specifically looking for your services – higher rate of conversion into actual customers 

SEO is crucial in increasing the ranking and rating of your company. The more visitors you have, the better rank and rating your company would receive which in itself is another way of promotion.

Highly ranked companies are always welcomed by new and potential customers. It is also being proven by the Search Engine Journal that companies that get SEO services for their websites and brands tend to get more sales compared to outbound marketing and promotional activities.

The benefits of SEO services are much higher than its cost. Outbound marketing and promotions can result in huge cost investment with unknown return on investment while SEO services if done well, can provide a cost effective and sustainable solution to generate sales leads for your business.