Tweaking The Numbers In Google AdWords

Tweaking The Numbers In AdWords

Google AdWords is a simple and easy-to-use advertising program, offered by Google, which works on a pay-per-click principle. You pay Google a predetermined amount of money each time a person clicks on your ad.

Of course, what you pay for it determines where it will be displayed in the Google search results! The primary goal is to strike the best balance between the cost and the ranking. Here is some tips for you to minimize your cost in setting up your Google AdWords campaign and increase your revenue.

Placing The Right Bid

Just like you optimize your website for keywords, you have to optimize your AdWords too. This is done by "bidding" for the relevant keywords from Google; choosing the amount you are willing to pay per click for that keyword, which, in turn, determines the location of your ad in the search results. For U.S. customers, this amount can be as low as one cent per click and as high as the competition drives it! While it is not wise to set too high a price initially, it can also render your entire campaign worthless if nobody gets to see your ad! Finding a balance between the position of your ad and the CPC is your first step towards PPC success.

Analyzing And Modifying

Ideally, you should start with 1 cent CPC for all your keywords and gradually increase it by a cent each for those keywords which are suspended by Google because of being too low priced. Once you have more than half of your keyword list working, stop playing with the CPC for the keywords until you get at least 50-75 clicks. You can start analyzing which keywords seem to be working for you at the low CPC and which need further investment.

Testing And Tweaking

Once you manage to cross phase 2 of the campaign, now you need to keep it going by revising, testing and refining your ad. You need to adjust the header, the design and the bid value. You need to keep finding ways of improvement!

Once you develop a certain comfort level with AdWords, it can actually be quite fun! Whether you are a total novice in the field of Internet marketing or you have been around for a while, but not with much success, I am sure that if you keep the above few AdWords tips in your mind, you will be able to see a definite success in all your AdWords campaigns! Playing smart is the operative word here!

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