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Top Keywords in Google - What Keywords Are Trending In 2020?

As we’re in the last quarter of the year, here is an overview of the list of keywords that are the most searched on Google as well as keywords that have been trending in 2020. 

A report done up by SEMrush has analysed more than 20 billion keywords and they have compiled a comprehensive list of keywords that contain insights, trends across the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia as well as an overall global search. 


Top Google Searches:


In their report, SEMrush has excluded the NSFW (Not Safe For Work) related search terms, and they actually found out that 'NSFW' searches make up 20% in the top 100 list. 

Here are the top 10 keywords based from their global data, and we can see that most of them are searches for social media platforms as well as utilities. 


top 100 google keywords searches


Trends Based on Global Data: 


You can also see the various trends and topics that are highly searched this year. Notably, the areas of 'translate' makes up the largest percentage of 13%. 

Social networks, entertainment, shopping, weather, news and web services also make up a big percentage of the searches with percentages ranging from 8 - 11%. 


Top Google Searches Keywords Topics


The top searches in the 'social networks' category show that people are searching 'Facebook', 'Whatsapp web' and ' Instagram'. The top search in the 'entertainment' category is 'YouTube', followed by 'Netflix'.  

One other major percentage of the Google search queries is also related to gambling, traveling, finance and sport

Another significant keyword that has affected every person during the year of 2020 is 'coronavirus'. This term was searched for more than 60 million times in a month, and it is the only uncategorised trending topic in the top 100 list. 


Most frequently asked questions in Google across the globe:



iSmart Communications Top Google Searches

Apart from these top 10 frequently asked questions, there are also some unexpected results that may peak our interest and we might also start googling for the answers.

- Why were cornflakes invented?

- What does SMH mean?

- How to make hand sanitizer?

- What is pansexual?

- How tall is Peppa Pig?

The question 'What is Coronavirus?' is also in the top list of questions, being asked in Google more than 300,000 times each month during the year 2020. 


Top trending keywords in 2020:

iSmart Communications Top Google Searches Trending Keywords 2020

The top trending keyword in 2020 is 'dalgona coffee' - which started out as a TikTok trend for an easy to make IG-worthy coffee. It's prepared from instant coffee, sugar, water and milk, and this trend quickly become viral on Instagram and TikTok.


Overview Summary:


To show an overview of the top Google searches, here is an infographic done by SEMrush on their findings. 

Top google searches in 2020 keywords


Keywords are important in searches for your products or services to be found online. Make sure to do your keyword researches and find out what is trending at the moment when planning for your marketing campaigns, or even SEO implementations. 

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