Tips to Increase Relevance Scores on Facebook that You Must Know!

Facebook advertising is a must for almost all businesses. However, it should be noted that Facebook is giving a relevance score to each network from one to ten, by estimating how well the businesses’ ads are resonating with the potential customer they want to reach. The higher your score, the better Facebook considers the performance of it. Facebook estimates your ads’ performances by calculating both the positive and negative feedback from the ads. Also, it can help you reduce the cost that you have to pay for your ads if you have a higher score.
Here are five tips to increase your relevance score on Facebook!


1. Be Specific in Your Targeting


Ensure that there is a healthy balance between the targeting and audience reach. It is not ideal if your target audience is too broad, you may reach a lot of people but it wouldn’t improve your score. A better option would be to specifically target your potential customers. However, it cannot be too narrow since your ad may be too narrow, thus not reaching enough audience. So, it may not be very effective Ad campaign.

2. Focus on the Ad Content


It's a well-known fact that image asserts and written copy should be aligned to resonate with your audience. Well, there are some important questions that you should ask yourself here like,

  1. Does your audience use particular lingo?
  2. Is there any trend in the image that strongly resonates with your buyer persona?

It should be noticed that video and images are more preferable to Facebook’s score system. According to research done by Consumer Acquisition, images account for 75 to 90% of your ad’s overall performance.

 3. Ad Frequency and Delivery


Businesses must refresh their ads regularly. This is because ads are initially received positively, and will then see diminishing returns over time. People would obviously be annoyed if they keep seeing the same ad. The best practice is to refresh the ads every 35 days to prevent ad fatigue. However, changing ads may also lead to a changing audience. Instead, you can just simply change the headlines, titles or images based on your audiences’ interest.

4. Associating the Ad with Your Landing Page


Make sure your ads are associated with your landing page. If you are selling a product in your ad, your ad should contain product-related images on your landing page as well. In this way, the audience can match your ads with your landing page, and your relevance score will be higher!

 5. Be Creative!


You may want to hire someone or build a graphic design team to help you out in creating interesting ad content. Creativity should be iterated in every step of ad creation and implementation. You would probably need to test and experiment which strategy suit your ads the most. It may not be successful in the first few attempts, but fret not. You just need to experiment with different campaigns.


I hope that this blog gave you some insight on how you can achieve a higher relevance score using Facebook ads, to get the most reach at the lowest cost!