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Skip The Paperwork: Useless Items To Cut From Your Marketing

This blogpost is extracted by Charing Kam from our new eBook, 10 Useless Items To Cut From Your Marketing.

When it comes to paperwork, traditional marketing seems to focus on the ‘more is more’ principle. In today’s digital era, though, we’re all about the ‘less is more’ principle. Focus on the things that matter, and skip the red tape; see two items that should be cut for efficiency and efficacy below:

1) All Those Press ReleasesSkip-the-paperwork-useless-items-to-cut-from-your-marketing.jpg

The thinking behind the millions of press releases businesses produce each year is that they’ll get placed on an external site when picked up, and the coverage will come with an inbound link. Also, you know, getting press coverage. Unfortunately, almost all of the press releases getting churned out of marketing departments is not landing any actual press coverage. And the releases that are picked up? Those aren’t exactly valuable inbound links when they’re getting funnelled out to low quality sites.


Stop trying to weave an amazing story out of something relatively unamazing just so you have PR fodder. It’ll just make journalists get really used to ignoring you. and your writing time is better spend on other types of content -- like blog posts, for instance -- that attract qualified readers and quality links

2) All That Over-Reporting

We’re the last ones to say you shouldn’t be reporting on your marketing, but with the Big Data explosion has also come a whole lot of time wasted interpreting numbers and analytics that don’t really mean anything for you right now.

It’s easy to spend an entire day just diving into, say, conversion reports, but what is all that information getting you? A lot of spreadsheets and numbers do not make a marketing strategy. Figure out exactly what numbers you need to know for your business’ marketing, and do deeper dives into specific metrics as needed. It’s a better use of your time, and frankly provides more actionable advice than running hours of reports at the end of each month that you never use.

10 useless things to cut from your marketing