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How To Use Infographics To Generate More Sales Leads

How To Use Infographics To Generate More Sales Leads

Infographics illustrate graphical representations of data and information that can be shared frequently on social media, and have the potential to go more viral than a simple text-only blog post with the same information. By setting up an effective marketing channel and making these graphics easy to share as they point back to this channel, you can increase traffic and generate more sales leads.

Creating an infographic is not complicated if you keep the process simple. Besides having a web designer to create one for you, you can also customize your own simple infographic in PowerPoint by using free templates. There are many free templates online that you can download to create attractive infographics too.

Here are 3 steps to getting your infographics seen online by more people.

1. Choose an offer and present it with an infographic

Take one of your existing offers and think of how you can tease the offer, using:

  • Random bits of trivia
  • Statistics of any sort
  • Interesting bits of information

2. Create a blog post to show off your infographic

A blog post is a great way to show off your infographic. There is no need to write much. It is sufficient to write up a small paragraph as an introduction or explanation above your infographic. Keep in mind to give your blog post an enticing and keyword-rich title. This is significant as people will be able to find your infographic through search engines using your target keywords.

Furthermore, when your post has social sharing buttons, people can share your post on social media. With certain blogging platforms like HubSpot Singapore, social sharing buttons are added to each of your blog posts by default. However, if your blogging platform does not include social sharing buttons, AddThis is a great alternative. Simply sign up for an account, configure your social sharing settings, and add a bit of code to your blog.

3. Add a call-to-action to your blog post leading to your offer

If you already have a professional landing page created for your offer, you should create a call-to-action for this blog post you have created for your infographic. This call-to-action should be hyperlinked to your professional landing page.

New Call-to-action