How To Use Facebook Messenger To Interact With Customers

Did you know that in an April survey of global messaging apps, Facebook Messenger came in second in the world? This makes Facebook Messenger an amazing tool that can be used to interact with customers in real time. Learn how to use Messenger to communicate with consumers with these three easy steps:


1) Spread Your Messenger Codes

In April, Facebook launched scannable Messenger Codes, so that people could contact companies and businesses to start a conversation. Use this to your benefit by sharing your company’s messenger code with potential consumers.



Go to your Facebook page’s message inbox. There you will be able to locate an icon for your messenger code at the bottom near the toggle for away messages. By clicking on the icon, a screen would appear to display a messenger code together with the option to download it.

When you click Download drop-down, you will be given selection of 300 pixel, 600 pixel and 1,000 pixel PNG. Select any one of them that best suits the place you share this link. By sharing the messenger code on your page, fans can scan it and message you anytime instead of posting publicly on your page.

2) Set Up Auto-Reply Greetings

Start off with a warm welcome to build a great first impression. In the messaging settings of your page, you can set a Messenger greeting. It is a message sent to people who message your page first. It differs from instant reply, as the greeting would only be sent once, at the beginning of the conversation.

In Business Manager, you can find a button to Add Personalization to replies and greetings. By personalizing the message, you can start off conversations with consumers by providing them a brief idea of what you’ll be talking about.

3) Allow Access through Search by Username and Business Name

When your business allows people to private message your Facebook page, consumers will hence are also able to search for your business in Messenger app whenever they start a new massage.You can show your username below your page name in place of the category so that they can be easily located.

Start using Facebook Messenger now as a tool to build rapport with the customers, as it allows quick responses from your company, as well as the opportunity to talk with customers in real-time.

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