How To Use Chatbots For Marketing


Chatbots have been used for a while now; their popularity, however, has been boosted exponentially ever since Facebook started allowing them within Facebook Messenger. As people usually know, chatbots like Siri, Cortana and Amazon's Echo belong to informational chatbots. The focus for today, though, is on service chatbots which are built for marketing functions. Therefore, see three ways service chatbots can benefit your marketing strategies:

1. Proactive Customer Interaction

Engagement with your customers is a very important aspect of marketing; in order to keep your relationship positive, you have to keep on reacting to your clients’ demands. However, most brands’ only have customer service staff that react and respond to customers instead of reaching out to them. Therefore, instead of waiting for customers to start a topic or make a comment, you should initiate contact. Chatbots come in handy here, because they are ideal for reaching out. They can offer assistance to any queries and offer extra content to engage them with your brand.

2. Feedback Gathering

Other than reaching out to the customers by asking simple questions, chatbots can also help your company to collect feedback from your clients. For example, if your website is experiencing a high bounce rate or a low conversion rate, instead of giving out a long questionnaire, you can simply ask 1-2 questions to each customer through the chatbot when they leave your site within a certain period time to help gather information.  

3. Consumer Analysis

Through having this conversation with your customers, chatbots can collect data on the customer, which can be analyzed to help optimize your sales and marketing strategies. Chatbots can be programmed to track different types of information on your customers, like their purchasing patterns. This can help your company to tailor your marketing strategy to meet the different needs of the market. Indeed, as a AI chatbot, it can eliminate human error in analyzing customer data, as well reduce the amount of resources spent on getting an analyst to do the work.   

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