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How To Target Local Customers With Your Facebook Ad Strategy

Social Media Marketing can seem like a game of archery: your aim is to hit the bullseye for a perfect score. In the world of advertisements, you want to be as straight as an arrow; slicing through all the junk to reach the exact person you’re targeting.

How-To-Target-Local-Customers-With-Your-Facebook-Ad-Strategy.jpgInstead of aiming randomly, steady your arm and follow our tips on using Facebook Ads to target local. Narrow down your target range, and you might just increase the conversion range from visitor to leads!

1) Select the Type of Ad that Fits Your Needs

In Facebook Ads Manager, you can pinpoint your desired geographic area for the target audience. Firstly, though, the objective of your ad would decide the genre of ad you will be running. Are you trying to get your business on their radar, or are you promoting an event that you’re holding in the neighbourhood? Your choice is dependent on the product or service you’re promoting, as well as on your sales goal.

To target local customers, choose either ‘Reach People Near Your Business’ or ‘Raise Attendance at Your Event’. The ‘Reach People Near Your Business’ ad type, in particular, allows you to narrow the scope of the ad to a specific area with a handy little map function. This option not only gives you the options of targeting the ad according to location, but also age and gender.

Upon completion of the setting, Facebook users who are within your selected area, age range, and gender will see the ad. The advantage of this type of ad is that the location is not based on the listed location on the profile of the users, but their current physical location, which means that tourists will also be able to see your ad.

2) Set up Accurate Location

Depending on the Facebook Ad type you’re choosing, the location of your ad might be chosen for you. For ‘Reach People Near Your Business’, Facebook automatically finds the location of your business and highlights the area around it.

If you would like to modify the location, drag the circle around the map or enter the address manually in the box below. Radius can also be adjusted using the Radius Drop-down Menu. Also, you may target one or multiple locations at the same time. To minimize cost, you can exclude locations with the same tool by selecting the Exclude Option to avoid unwanted target areas.

3) Narrowing Down Your Target

To be even more precise, you can choose ‘Boost Your Posts’ instead. This option gives more freedom to the content of the post, which includes news, an offer or event details.

To optimize the ad, you can begin with picking the location, age range and gender. You can browse through the types to find out the different demographics, interests and behaviors. It is important to notice that the default setting is including people who fit any one of the targeting options you have selected. You can narrow down the scope by clicking on ‘Narrow Audience’.


Facebook Ads are a useful tool to boost the leads of a local business when the location options are put in use at the right place. Start playing around with Facebook ads and get your business growing.

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