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How To Tailor Your Email Marketing Strategies

When you deliver email updates to your customer database, do you create a mass message or do you segment your customer base? Logically, you should segment your customer database; different strokes for different folks, right? The issue then becomes how many types should you segment it into? After all, you can’t craft hundreds of different emails. It would be way too inefficient. Here are our suggestions on three simple categories to follow:Email_Marketing_Strategies_for_Different_Customers.jpg

1) New Customers

For new customers, the aim is to garner their loyalty and to be designated as ‘Safe’ mail instead of ‘Spam’. Overwhelming them with emails everyday is thus a no-go, as they’re sure to put your mail in the Spam folder. Start with a Welcome email, and then send them updates only when it is regarding products that they’ve expressed interest in. Once every few days or once a week is a safe bet.

2) Regular Customers

When you’re safely in the Inbox, then, you can start adding in some unrelated emails into the mix. Use their web activity to segment promotions that they’ll be likely to click on, then intersect them with your usual emails.

3) Evangelists

Evangelists are customers that will actively promote your brand, whether through sharing the emails or posting them on social media. With these loyal fans, you should expand your network through them. Send emails that grant them some special discounts for being loyal fans, or offer them VIP status. Ask them to be brand ambassadors and to help promote your brand.

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