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How To Hire The Best Team Members


This post has been extracted by Charing Kam from our e-Book, “How To Keep Your Customers Coming Back”.

 When it comes to the details of empowering your employees to provide excellent service, it’s not enough to just tell your employees what to do. How do you create a company culture that’s focused on providing excellent customer service? You start with your hiring methodology. Keep these 5 things to keep in mind when hiring:

1) Culture Fit

Above all else, make hiring decisions based off of how well the prospective employee fits in with your culture. Someone might have a world of experience that your company could really use, but if they’re not a good work culture fit, they’ll be unhappy, their co-workers will be unhappy, or both. Bad culture fit leads to employee turnover, so prioritize it!

2) Skills

Culture fit isn’t everything either. Hiring a team with a variety of skills they can each bring to the table is essential. We often look for employees who have a high quality secondary skill as well, something they can bring to the role that others can’t. They can then share this knowledge with others on the team, elevating the entire team.

3) Beliefs

How do your employees think companies should operate? How do they think customers should be treated? What are the goals they want to achieve in any job? Finding out what your customers believe helps you determine if they are a culture fit for your company. It also gives you a sense of how they’ll operate in the day-to-day execution of the job.

4) Ideas

Skills are crucial, but so are the ideas someone can bring to your company. If a prospective employee has minimal skills but brings a lot of ideas, you may decide it’s worth coaching that employee to develop their skills. Energetic employees with lots of ideas are more likely to have the motivation you need in a team.

5) Experiences

What kinds of experiences do your prospective employees have from their educational backgrounds and previous jobs? Have they only worked in companies that are vastly different from yours? Is this a good or a bad thing for the job you’re hiring them for? Keep in mind that a well-developed team is one that can bring lots of different experiences to the table and use those experiences to innovate.

How To Keep Your Customers Coming Back