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How Telemarketing Is Changing In The 21st-Century Marketplace

Posted by Nelson Tan

Mar 7, 2016 10:14:00 AM

How Telemarketing Is Changing In The 21st-Century Marketplace

Telemarketing in Singapore is a pretty old business. Telemarketing singapore got its start in the 1950s and has not changed much since it began. The earliest forms of telemarketing were generally used to sell magazine subscriptions to customers through the phone, using a system of database marketing. Gradually, more soliciting was done over the phone, until it got to the point that telemarketing calls were being made at all hours of the day and evening.

At this point, the government stepped in and started invoking laws for direct marketing so that the telemarketing companies in Singapore were not able to call as often. This was good for prospects, but of course, it was bad for the telemarketing companies. Some of the laws that were imposed on the telemarketing companies encompassed things such as the time when they could call, being required to stop calling if someone asked to be removed from the call list, and introducing the national do-not-call registry.

This enabled people to take themselves off any telemarketing list, making it illegal to call them for any kind of solicitation. With so many people taking themselves off of the solicitation lists, the telemarketing companies have had to turn to other means of income generation to keep themselves in business. Now, many telemarketing companies are adapting or integrating telemarketing processes into digital marketing to keep turning a profit.

The traditional telemarketing sales format is not used in a digital marketing strategy. Some companies are still using outbound telemarketing by having people set up appointments on the phone to be finished later over the Internet. Another way to bring telemarketing into the future is through the creation of the virtual call center. This saves the telemarketing companies money because people are working from home for a reduced salary, thus reducing their overhead costs.

Telemarketing techniques themselves are also evolving based on Inbound principles. Today's telemarketers can be trained to adopt a strong service mindset, the right attitude and communication skills for building rapport with prospects before closing sales, and then improving the relationships with customers with follow-ups, whether they are further carried out online or through more calls.

A good digital marketing strategy is needed to play a larger role in the sales process for telemarketing in Singapore to stay relevant. Some companies have completely switched to the Internet as a means of saving business costs by having people call from home through a virtual call center. Other marketing companies are changing their focus completely to address the new interests of today's society. Overall, the world of telemarketing and direct marketing is changing and will never be the same again.

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