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E-commerce Optimization To Boost Your Conversion Rates

ecommerce optimization

You know what’s more disappointing than having NO people visit your store? It’s when you actually get them to visit – but only a few of them make a purchase!

People see you, they see what you’re offering, and they say, “No.”

This is what’s called a “conversion” problem. Meaning, the right people see you but you still couldn’t convince them to buy.

For online stores, increasing conversions is the key to long-term success.

However, optimizing your e-commerce store can be confusing.

Even if you’ve done everything right, you might still see low conversion rates.

So, how can you push your conversion rate? E-commerce optimization is all about making it easy for your visitors to buy from you.

Now, here are some strategies for better conversions:

Add Recommended Products

Adding recommended products to your e-commerce store is a great way to increase conversion rates. When someone visits a product page, they want information about the product and how it can meet their needs. If you suggest additional products that might be of interest, you can help guide their purchase decision and increase your conversion rate.

Shoppers that click on product recommendations are four and a half times more likely to add items to the cart and complete a purchase.

Make Sure You Have High-Quality Product Pages

High-quality product pages are key to your e-commerce success. When customers can see what they’re buying and get an idea of how it will look and function in their lives, they feel more confident about the purchase.

Make sure your photos are high enough resolution to support a zoom feature to show texture and details. If you have the space, add a 360-degree view of the product so customers can get a complete look.

Besides images, consider using demo videos or explainer videos to show your products in action.

Encourage customers to submit visual content or source your images and videos from social media, which perform double duty as social proof, which will help increase conversions.

Streamline Navigation

You can’t make sales if site visitors can’t find what they want.

Your site’s navigation is often the first place shoppers look if they have a specific product or category in mind.

Navigation that is confusing, too complex, or difficult to understand will cost you sales and customers. In fact, a HubSpot case study found that simplifying or removing navigation elements from middle-of-the-funnel landing pages resulted in a 16-28% increased conversion rate!

Here’s what you can do to improve your site’s navigation.

- Optimize your search bar

- Optimize mobile navigation

- Categorize your product strategically

- Check your site’s internal search data. Discover what shoppers are searching for. See how they’re navigating your site. With this data, you can get more sales by improving product arrangements and on-page elements.

Add a Wish List or Favorite Option

Wish lists and favorite options allow users to save items they might buy later.

This is a great way to increase conversions because it gives users the opportunity to “test drive” your site and come back later to buy products they love.

Creating a wish list also requires customers to create an account for your e-commerce store.

This allows you to offer relevant promotions and gather customer data to improve user experience and increase sales.

Streamline your sales process

There are a couple of things that prevent customers from buying, even if they’re ready to buy.

- Poorly designed shopping cart

- Lack of information

- Unoptimized checkout process

- Complicated check-out forms

Here’s what you can do to prevent or remedy drop-offs.

- Speed up the transaction

- Display shopping cart contents

- Provide real-time assistance

- Set up an abandoned cart sequence. When they do drop off, an automated email sequence should remind them to complete their transaction. This simple strategy alone can turn 15% of abandoned carts into sales to improve the e-commerce conversion rate.

Add More Social Proof

Social proof is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal to boost e-commerce conversion rates.

Adding social proof elements to your site increases confidence in potential buyers and nudges them towards completing a purchase.

Some effective ways to add social proof include testimonials from happy customers, reviews from unbiased third-party, or user-generated content of your product in action.


E-commerce conversion optimization is key to driving growth for your business.

If you’re struggling with low and inconsistent conversions, simply observe your current e-commerce site. Use analytic tools and customer feedback, then analyze the insights. What areas need work? 

Test each change to make sure it improves conversion rates before rolling out the change to all visitors.