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Don’t Believe These 3 Social Media Advice

As a marketing rep or business owner, are you on social media already? It's not just because it is a trend that you should be; it is simply an effective means for your business to gain more online exposure whenever possible. Lately though, my communication with a few prospective clients yielded some surprising perspectives about what social media means to them...and they are negative.

These conversations got me thinking and I did a bit of online search to see if there's any truth in it, and lo, the naysayers really think along the same line of myths!

Let's identify the 3 biggest myths about social media and see how we can apply the real truths for the betterment of our businesses.

1. Social media is only for children; your adult prospects are not using it.

Don't believe these 3 social media advices

According to Pew Research Center, 74% of online adults are using social networking sites as of January 2014 and the majority uses Facebook that estimated about 71% of it as of September 2013. Other latest usage estimates are:

  • 22% use LinkedIn (Sep. 2013)
  • 19% use Twitter (Jan. 2014)
  • 21% use Pinterest (Sep. 2013)
  • 17% use Instagram (Sep. 2013)
  • 6% use Tumblr (Dec. 2012)

Your prospects are definitely using social media. So go on, open your horizons. This myth is a bust.

2. It's just business, nothing to be personal about it.

Social media is not the same as your website, especially if it's a company or a business website which has to be formal and proper. I'm not saying social media is improper but rather, with feelings. It is an interaction with real people on their everyday lives. As a matter of fact, personality is what often gets you noticed. Erika Napoletano once said, "People don't fall in love with hex colors and logos—they fall in love with people."

So I say, whether you're doing business through Social Media, you're still a person, aren't you? So to make your social media marketing more interesting and lovable, be natural to bring out the personality of your brand to connect and engage with people. Be yourself, be personal!

3. This is your brand, stand up for it—fight for it.

Now this is tricky. We all know that we can't please everybody. So when you come across negative comments and people who simply want to annoy you until you're mad enough to chew nails and spit rivets, (which you definitely will, sweetheart!), do not engage. I repeat, DO NOT ENGAGE. If that doesn't sound like a command in a battlefield of missiles to you, then imagine I am your mother talking.

What I'm saying is that the best way to handle these kinds of people or situations, especially in social media where everybody can read everything, is to stand down. But take note, do not entirely ignore the negative comment. Address the issue, admit the mistake and respond to it positively by sharing how you're going to solve or improve your service or your product and let them know that you value your customers and their comments and suggestions. So pick your battles wisely!

Are you feeling more enlightened about social media now after reading? Perhaps you still have some remnants of unpleasant online experience that make you think twice about online engagement. Share with us your thoughts and opinions about social media in the comment section below and we look forward to break down any perceived challenges.

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