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9 Quick Tips On Using LinkedIn For Marketing Purposes


1. Profile Image

Since LinkedIn is a professional networking site, keep your profile picture strictly professional. It projects a good image and a sense of presence in your page.

2. Show off your work

Make use of the tools that let you upload projects, SlideShare presentations, image galleries and videos. Do not miss this opportunity!

3. Update your Status


This should be a regular habit, to keep your profile on the surface for your connections. An article per week and at least 1-2 short updates per day would be a good way to expand your reach, giving visibility to connections of the people connected to you that share or comment on your status.

4. Customize your URL

By default, your profile URL would look something like It's not attractive at all. You may change it to anything you like that's easier to remember or looks much better for your business cards.

5. Personalize your connection request


Instead of using this generic invitation as seen below, you may want to add value in your message or a personal touch, or something that would make you stand out.

6. Focus on helping

Do not try to immediately sell to new connections. People expect collaborative networking and value, not be wrangled out for a sale.

7. Engage your connections

Once you have new connections, do not ignore them. Engage to them by responding to their status or sharing links that might be helpful to them.

8. Encourage your employees to post company updates


Encourage your employees to use LinkedIn and share company updates. This will enable them to be brand ambassadors and increase your company's visibility.

9. Optimize your profile

Use relevant keywords in headlines or taglines.

Update your content.

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