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Colour Psychology

Colour Psychology

Does it ever occur to you why headlines are often in bold and red? Just because every copywriter is doing it doesn't mean you have to follow, but there are meanings behind the use of various colors that accentuate words in a copy.

Black: seriousness, distinctiveness, boldness, power, sophistication, tradition
Blue: authority, dignity, security, faithfulness, heritage, corporate stability, trust
Brown/gold: history, utility, earthiness, richness, tradition, conservative
Gray: somberness, authority, practicality, corporate mentality, trust
Green: tranquility, health, freshness, stability, appetite
Orange: fun, cheeriness, warm exuberance, appetite, speed
Pink: femininity, innocence, softness, health, youth
Purple: sophistication, spirituality, wealth, royalty, youth, mystery
Red: aggressiveness, passion, strength, vitality, fear, speed, appetite, urgency
White: purity, truthfulness, faith, contemporary, refined, wealth
Yellow: youth, positive feelings, sunshine, cowardice, refinement, caution, appetite

Hope today's post on colour psychology gives you some ideas how to further enhance your marketing message.

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