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Best Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Businesses In Singapore

Best Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Social media has emerged out as a powerful tool for promoting small businesses in Singapore. In fact, social media platforms are a must for small businesses as they render you enough opportunities to engage your customers. In a world of fast-growing social media world, users are seen using these sites to link back to their favorite web pages. They then share these links in their friend circle thus creating a viral marketing effect which is both enlightening and effective. By adopting some of the best social media marketing Singapore tips and tricks as discussed below, you can certainly make your small business flourish in the market.

Follow A Schedule

You are not required to post daily. The idea here is to post quality content which gets a response. Your posts should have interesting and useful content for your customers and for your prospects. The business promotional content you put in various social media platforms should have a blend of content, pictures and useful information about your niche area along with your personal but effective views.

There are numerous small businesses which post once or twice a week and are able to engage good number of customers and build a tangible network over the social media sites. All you need to remember is to avoid losing traction with your target group.

Link Your Accounts

If you are not able to manage your multiple social media accounts for your business promotion, simply focus on one. Then just link the other remaining profiles with the chosen one so that anything you post over it is seen circulated on the other accounts.

For instance, anything you post on the Facebook wall can be published in your Twitter account and vice versa. While doing this, you need to keep in mind the character limit allowed at various social media sites. Twitter simply allows a maximum of 140 characters, and anything longer would look incomplete.


The moment you work out a list of good and quality content, you can plan to post them at some specific times of the day. There are couple of tools like Socialoomph and Timely for Twitter which can help you to work with a perfect schedule. However, it is recommended to avoid automating all your social media presence since being social media platforms, you have to value the 'social' element in them.

It is therefore wise to spare some time to "be present" in your social media realm and interact with your customers and prospective clients. The mantra is though you will automate but as a person you are still very much human.

Centralize Your Engagement

You can find a number of social networking platform tools and applications which can help you to centralize your social media accounts at one place. This will make your business promotion activities easy and simple. You can try tools like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite for this task. These tools can help you to post, manage, monitor and maintain your updates across a couple of social networking platforms at one go and thus save your time.

In the past few years there is a boom of social media usage among Internet users. Hence, marketers and small business owners are not leaving any stones unturned to promote their business. By trying the above important social media marketing Singapore tips and tricks you can certainly make your small business grow and get good business revenue.

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