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7 Instagram Tips To Drive Traffic To Your Website


Instagram is a social media platform where people share their thoughts through visual content. It appeals to a host of different consumers; this entails from those who seek adventure to foodies, artists, travellers, cars and sports or anything that is visually appealing. This list of audiences goes on. Even businesses are starting to utilise this platform to appeal to their customers.

However, for B2B businesses, some might still be scratching their head. Despite having a daily active user of 500 million, this social platform is still relatively new for some digital marketers. Moreover, Instagram’s user base is also quite young.

But with the introduction of Instagram for business accounts back in 2016, it is now easier for B2B digital marketers to implement Instagram into their social media strategy.

Then, the question remains for B2B marketers: “How do I get Instagram traffic back to my website?”

Here are 7 ways to ensure how to get your Instagram traffic to visit your site: 

1. Use a Strong CTA

Most users won’t take the next step unless you tell them to do so. 

In the case of Instagram traffic, this could mean telling them to “click on the link in your bio”. Your CTA could direct them to your website or even a landing page which offers content that targets your Instagram followers.

2. Use Instagram Ads 

As compared to Instagram posts, one significant advantage of Instagram ads is that they’re clickable. In other words, more Instagram traffic is likely to leave the site or app and end up on your page. Like any other social media ads, your targeted ads could link to any page on your site. 

Moreover, they’re also highly visible, since Instagram automatically adds a “Learn More” CTA button. Good news for you if you know Facebook Ads since Instagram Ads also uses the same format.

3. Tag Your Products (If You Can) 

There is an option which allows you to tag products in your organic posts if you meet specific criteria. However, you may only qualify if:

  • You have an Instagram Business Profile
  • You sell clothing, jewellery or beauty products
  • Account content is in English

4. “Swipe Up” or “See More” on Instagram Stories

Most savvy Instagram users will recognise this feature and respond to this quickly. You can include a CTA within the image of your posts to make it even more effective. 

Making use of these features is a great way to enhance your content marketing by getting Instagram traffic straight to your new blog posts. However, this feature is limited to only Instagram accounts that have over 10,000 followers.

5. Get a Professional Look 

Every detail from your profile bio and content will influence whether Instagram traffic clicks through your CTA or follows you to your website. Be sure to invest time in developing a unique theme and ensure that your bio aligns with it.

6. Posts video content and stories

Instagram videos tend to be short, but you can say a lot in that period. Make use of short videos like some 30-40 seconds to introduce a popular topic of interest and linking to your blog post or even special offers such as an upcoming event or webinars. Complement it with a CTA to encourage followers or users to take click through to your site. Done right, Instagram is an excellent way to market your services. And for many users who only skim through text, they will probably check out a video.

7. Post … a LOT

Instagram is a social media platform where people share their thoughts through visual content. To connect with people and enhance your social presence on Instagram, you have to post consistently and regularly. After all, the more you post, the more people will get invested in what you have to say.


Instagram may be seen as a platform for the younger generations but fear not and follow these 7 tips to improve your Instagram marketing strategy. And if that’s not enough, we got you covered. Leave the heavy lifting to us and focus on your Instagram content message with our kit “25 Instagram Templates for Business”. Start creating Instagram content in minutes!


25 Instagram Templates For Business