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6 CTA Tests For Maximizing Click-Through Rates

6 CTA Tests For Maximizing Click-Through RatesThere are a few conversion path elements such as landing pages, calls-to-action (CTAs), and emails that can be tested to see how you can generate more leads by using A/B testing. Having CTAs throughout your website and/or blog will certainly help visitors find your conversion pages. There are 6 must-have elements on your CTAs, which we wrote about previously. But the focus of this post is to help you and your CTAs effectively capture your visitors’ attention, and eventually generate more leads.

You can use a variety of different CTAs on your website, which will help you get click-throughs, converting your visitors into leads. But how can you be sure of which of the many CTAs on your blog is best optimized for driving the most number of leads?

This blog post will take you through various tests that you can carry out in order to help your CTAs increase click-through rates.

1) Test the color of your CTA buttons.

Many companies are terrified of going off-track with their brand’s color scheme. But is your CTA button blending in with the rest of your page? This can sometimes happen when you adhere too closely to your brand’s color palette. If this is the case, try using a different, more contrasting color for your CTA, while sticking to the brand’s regular style. This way, it will still look good against the rest of your website, but will become more attention-grabbing for your visitors.

2) Test the success of text CTAs vs. image CTAs.

Place various options of both text CTAs and image CTAs on different pages throughout your website. This will give you a vague (albeit not entirely accurate) idea of which type of CTA works better for your products and your company.

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3) Test the placement of your CTA.

Typically, readers don't always reach the end of an article they're reading, so if you place your CTA at the bottom of your page, it’s likely that your viewers will miss it. To avoid this problem, your CTAs should be nearer to the top of the page, so your visitors won’t have to reach the end of your article in order to see it. Even better, try a rolling CTA that stays on the screen as the readers scroll up and down your web page. This way, they can decide to click-through at any point without having to look for the button. Read more about motion-based CTAs below.

4) Test static vs. motion-based CTAs.

People are so habituated to seeing advertisements on websites now that their eyes automatically gaze over static images on web pages. So perhaps, you could test a CTA that appears when the user reaches a certain point on your page, or constantly stays on the page, and then compare the click-through rate against that of a static CTA.

5) Test a different phrase.

"Download this eBook", "Receive this eBook", "Grab this eBook", "Claim this eBook"—these are phrases you often see on a CTA button. But how do you know which phrase generates the highest click-through rates? Test out different variations on web pages with the exact same content and see which is the most successful. Even the smallest changes can make the biggest impact.

6) Test the button size.

If your CTAs are too small, they might go unnoticed on your website, but at the same time, if they are too big, it may be considered as a cache for the viewers. So, once again, test it. Try out various sizes and see which one works best.

Run variations alongside one another, and at the same time in order to eliminate uncontrollable variables that affect your results (A/B testing). After time, you will be able to transform your website into a lead generating machine once you’ve figured out how to make your CTAs as successful as possible! Remember, you won't know what works best for you and your website in your industry with your audience until you test it for yourself. Therefore, you should always be conducting these little tests on your website, to continually upgrade your website to have the best elements that generate the most leads.

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