5 Tips to Level Up Instagram Posts!

Have you wondered why some Instagram accounts have many followers and likes, while your page is struggling to amass followers and attract the desired audience? Well, this could be due to various reasons. It could be due to the fact that these pages do a lot of advertising, or because they only focus on certain campaigns like doing giveaways or discounts to attract followers. No matter what methods you use, there's always some room to improve the design and content of every post so as to catch the audiences’ attention.

Here are the 5 best hacks to level up your Instagram posts!



1. Create more videos!

There are 10 times more shares of video posts than other media on Instagram. Indeed, people are more patient with video than written words. Videos contain more information and can be easily remembered by people audiences. That's the reason why people seem to absorb more information from videos compared to other forms of media or content. It is believed that video posts will become more popular in the future due to their high social relevance.

So post more videos!giphy


2. Engage with your audience

Maximising the interaction between your posts and your audiences will attract attention and curiosity to your page. Make it similar to a conversation, like asking more questions, encouraging them to leave a comment or getting them to repost your content. These are best practices to capture the attention of Instagram users. In addition, creating Instagram stories with polls, asking audiences to vote Yes/No, can also engage the users.

3. Mash up the content

If you are managing a page for a restaurant, you should think along the line of capturing the restaurant's most featured dishes to attract followers. In fact, audiences focus on more valued posts' contents than that of just selling products. Even in the case of restaurants, the process of how the dishes are being cooked or the story behind a popular recipe can be featured on the Instagram page. If you are selling fashion or designer goods, fashion tips, tricks or hacks can help enrich your page's content.

4. Focus on trending topics

Creating posts about special awareness day and trending events can raise the affirmation and interests among the audience. For example, creating posts about the Dragon Boat Festival or wishing people on Valentines' Day. You can even share your views and repost trending events, such as a new flavour of Coca Cola or KitKat or even a new iPhone model.

5. Use Filters, Hashtags, Emoji's, and Specific Colours

Images and videos from the posts should use filters provided by Instagram to make it more eye-catchy. Appropriated use of #hashtags and emoji's should be used, otherwise, it might be annoying for the audiences. Research has shown that there are some specific colours of posts that obtain more 'likes'. Bright colour tones, especially in shades of blue tend to generate more 'likes' compared to red and dark-coloured posts.

instagram styles

These tips can be applied not only to Instagram but to other social media platforms as well! What are you waiting for? Let's adopt these best practices to enhance our social media presence today!