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5 Important Characteristics Of An Authoritative Social Network

Posted by Nelson Tan

Sep 22, 2014 6:21:00 PM

social networkHow do you know what the best social networking site is for your business? A lot of business owners just migrate towards Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook because they are the most popular.

However, these might not be the best for you. Just because a particular social network has the most users doesn't make it the best.

So what should you look for? 

Here are 5 important things any social network should have for your business:

1. Niche-specific

Some social networking sites specialize in certain markets. While they have significantly less users than the generic sites, 100% of the people there are going to be interested in your business.

What kinds of niches can you find?

Basically anything you want. There are social sites for movies, travel, sports, etc. Just about every niche has at least one forum geared towards it, and many blogs.

How do you find these sites?

One of the best ways is to just do an online search like "best social sites for..." and then fill in whatever topic you are looking for. You are likely to get a good list. Also, type in "forum+" or "blog+" and add your market at the end. Both searches will bring up sites that are related to your target market.

2. Secure

There are security issues with a lot of the smaller social sites, so be certain you check on this before getting started. You might want to look them up and read reviews about them before giving out any important information on them. Some of them require some personal information, so knowing the security reputation of a site before using it is smart.

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3. Intuitive interface

Some social sites have clear features, some do not. If you need an MIT degree to figure out all the features of a site, than steer clear of it.

4. Multimedia-enabled (videos and photos)

Try to find social sites that offer the ability to upload photos and videos. This simply helps you incorporate a personality into your marketing efforts. Uploading video and photos shows you are using the site for more than just the one-way link, and you are serious about entrenching yourself in the community.

5. Has a vibrant community

Look for social sites that have a lot of conversation going on. When members are actively participating, they allow you to get in a conversation with your target market. This will enable you to answer questions and establish yourself as an expert.

The bottom line is, no matter what social site you use, the most important part is that you get involved. Don't just use the site for a one-way link. This is how to brand yourself as an expert and get the most benefit out of your social media marketing campaigns.

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