4 Common Lead Generation Mistakes to Watch Out for in 2018


Generating leads remain a high priority for marketers. Every successful sale begins with lead generation. Here are 4 common lead generation mistakes marketers often make; keep these in mind so you can avoid these mistakes while developing your strategy for success.

1. Importance of your website design 

You want to ensure that you have a lead-generating website. Remove any distractions that will confuse your audience about your brand and your offerings. The design of your landing pages must be consistent and keep in mind these guidelines: Keep your form above the page fold, don’t include too many conversion points that might confuse potential customers, keep your landing pages short and precise, display your call to action clearly.


2. Crafting the right messages for the right audience 

There is an endless amount of information on the Internet that can be found, yet marketers struggle to find the right message. A few mistakes that marketers make with their lead generation messages:

  • Not knowing who your audience are

You need to be aware of who your target audience are. From there, you will be able to get the right message across effectively without wasting your marketing efforts. Start by researching your audience – identify their problems and their interests.

It is crucial to work together with the sales team to identify the pain points faced by people in the industry and use these pain points in your messages – especially how your product or service can help solve the problems you might face.


Your messages should be changing as your leads move through your funnel. By bombarding them with the “Buy Now” messages, you are missing a valuable opportunity to educate your leads and turn them into loyal, long-term customers.


  • Nothing to offer / Offer valuable content

You have to offer something of value to potential leads if you want them to leave their personal contact information on your website. You can use blogposts and webinar archives and repurpose the content into an eBook to giveaway for free.


3. Your landing page form 

If the content offer is valuable to your leads and they decide to leave down their information, it is important to make sure your lead capture form is optimised. You may carry out A/B testing to see which variations of your form best capture lead information. The rule here is to keep the form short and concise by only including important information required by your sales team. The form length plays a pivotal role here in determining the quality and quantity of leads that you get.


4. Not maximising the use of social media 

Social media is considered as one of the most effective marketing tool to generate leads and brand awareness. It is also a low-cost strategy. One of the best ways to generate targeted leads from social media is to use previously published posts that generated a good number of leads in the new posts.

In summary, lead generation plays a key role in the success for every business. To ensure you capture qualified leads correctly, remember not to repeat these mistakes. I hope these tips will help you with your lead generation strategies going forward!  


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