3 Tips to Get Your 2018 Marketing Plans Running

Lead generation inbound marketing plan 

Is your marketing plan good enough for the coming year? If you responded with a 'yes' to that, how did you define 'good' then?

Here are three tips that your company can adopt in 2018:


1. Use a platform that guides you on your plan


Using marketing platforms is a great way to distinguish if your company is going on the path to success.

A great platform that I love using is Hubspot. Hubspot is a great way to educate yourself about your industry and tackle your marketing problems on a user-friendly interface. For instance, they provide detailed explanation on lead funnel metrics including cost per lead data by industry and company size. That is a fantastic way to determine if your marketing plans are in line with the best practices for lead generation.

 2. Stay on top of trends


A principle that I always keep close to heart is to learn something new every day. As the saying goes, "Give a person a fish and they will eat for a day, teach a person to fish and they will eat for a lifetime." You will have to be on the ball of up and coming trends to be an expert in your industry.

One of my favourite ways to be in the know is to read blogs about my area of expertise. As someone in the digital marketing field, I personally am a huge fan of Marketing Charts, as they are great at giving insights to upcoming trends in the digital world. Another way is to monitor news about your industry by setting up your Google Alerts. This way, you can receive notifications about what people are talking about your line almost instantly.


3. Teamwork makes the dream work


Another great tip is to collaborate. If you and your network have a similar target audience, why not work together to be a powerful duo? Start mentioning each other on social media and credit them as a reliable source on your blog post.

Remember, a friend is always better than a foe.


Has your company followed any of these tips yet? If not, hurry on to take up some of these practices and who knows, maybe your brand will be the next big thing in 2018.


Lead generation inbound marketing plan