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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Using Social Media for Lead Generation

Written by Pooja Vinod Kumar | Oct 30, 2018 3:49:33 AM

Social Media is undoubtedly an extremely useful tool for lead generation. It serves as a platform to interact with different viewers and engage with them. If used properly, it can potentially outgrow your business within no time. Very often, marketers tend to make mistakes while using certain social media strategies. This can sometimes tarnish the image/reputation of your brand. So, in this exercise, we will highlight some of the social media no no's.

1. Social Media Over-engagement

It is important for your company to engage with users on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

-Be interactive with your followers.
-Respond to users’ comments and their direct message.
-Make use of hashtags relevant to your particular business/industry
-Track people who have mentioned or tagged you in posts, try to communicate with them, understand their needs.

This is a very important element of Social Media Marketing, one that focuses on providing a personalized customer experience and maintaining service quality in order to build good relationships with your customers.

However, this does not mean that the more engagements you have, the more successes you achieve. Sometimes, over-engagement can provoke people into thinking your company is annoying. You need to know how to keep conversations appropriate to the context otherwise, people will tend to feel strange and have nothing to respond.

2. Missing out the CTA button

While using social media, most companies only emphasise on promoting their campaigns or products but sometimes forget to add a call-to-action button. This will greatly limit the process of lead generation. Almost everyone use social media to share interesting content, catch up with long-lost friends or message friends. They are generally not too serious about the promotions they see online. So, after they finish watching your brand promo/advertisement, they might be puzzled as to why there is no link to your website/product. In this scenario, although they are interested in your products, they will leave it aside because they are not prompted what to do next. Usually, social media users will not go out looking for your website or product. Rather, they might get caught up by other advertisements on social media. In fact, since there is loads of information for people to absorb in social media, it's not too surprising if they forget about your company real soon.

So, always remember to add a simple call-to-action button. It can be a link that directs users to your website/landing pages or, it could be a request to follow your social media page. It really depends on what action you want your viewers to take. Bear in mind, a good call-to-action enables more effective lead generation.

3. Dealing with Negative feedback

Do not assume that social media is always a great place, where people have a positive attitude and enjoy your posts. Social media platforms can be a cruel place for companies since there are people who will express negative or harsh comments. If you don’t handle them those comments properly, the reputation of your company can be severely affected.

-You need to be able to respond to these comments effectively.
-Don’t delete these negative comments.

Companies may think that deleting comments will solve the problem but that is a misconception. Deleting negative comments may attract unwanted attention and create a bigger hurdle.

Sometimes, when the opposing comments are reasonable you must be patient and find a solution to solve the user's dilemma. This in turn can convert those negative feedback into a positive one and thus the situation can be reversed. But, when comments are posted by haters, they can be pretty unreasonable and therefore, you must first analyse the situation, and then take quick action. Hope you enjoyed the read!

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