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3 Essential Tools To Manage Social Media Customer Service

3-Essential-Tools-To-Manage-Social-Media-Customer-Service.jpgSocial media has made the marketing landscape better due to the breadth and amount of information you can send out into the world. At the same time, however, it has created issues, as you now have a ton of feedback you have to respond to. In lieu of having someone sitting in the office constantly refreshing your social media pages for comments, why don’t you use these handy social media tools to handle your customer service?

1) Mention

Do you ever wonder how some brands always seem to find out when they’re mentioned on social media? Mention is a social listening tool that basically sources for, well, any mention of the company brand name and products. This includes an appraisal of whether the comment was positive or negative, and you can collate these comments to monitor your brand reputation.

2) Social Studio

Speaking of brand reputation, Social Studio is perfect if you’re trying to monitor overall customer satisfaction. It shows a detailed representation of positive and negative feedback on your social media feeds. Negative comments always get more publicity than positive press, so complaints on social media can quickly become a black mark on your brand. The aim, then, is to reply and resolve the issues as soon as possible. Do this with Social Studio as it can flag phrases or keywords that make the comment a top priority, and send them to you to be addressed immediately.

3) Sparkcentral 

When you have multiple customer service personnel, your aim is to ensure that they respond quickly to inquiries, but don’t overlap. Sparkcentral acts like a funnel that’ll filter different types of enquiries into specific internal lines, so your customer service agents can view them. At the same time, customer service agents will be assigned the next enquiry automatically, making replies straightforward and timely. Did I mention that Sparkcentral includes full conversation histories for tracking purposes?

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