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Fu Lin Men Group of Restaurants

The Background

With experience for over two decades, Fu Lin Men has an award-winning culinary team, who has a passion for what they do. They cater mouth-watering Chinese dishes in their seven outlets across Singapore. Six of them serve unique fare of fine Cantonese or seafood cuisine, and one of artisanal Japanese. Their restaurants also cater for functions of all sizes from weddings, dinner & dance events, seminars and birthdays, and etc.

The Challenge

Even though Fu Lin Men has been in business for a long time, they used to rely on customer referrals and traditional media to promote their business. In view of the fierce competitiveness of the F&B industry in Singapore, their growth rates did not meet the expectations of the owners.

The Solution

We developed and executed a 360-degree digital marketing campaign to help Fu Lin Men raise their brand awareness and generate sales leads for their Wedding and Dining businesses separately.

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1. Website Development

Websites are like the new generation storefront. If your storefront is not working well, no customers will come knocking on your door to buy anything. That is why we put a high emphasis on making sure that our client's "storefront" looks great before launching any marketing campaigns.

Built-in Security for the Website:

Roughly 54% of companies worldwide say they have experienced at least one online attack within the last year. In order to prevent that from happening to our client, we've improved Fu Lin Men's website security before it's too late.

Mobile Responsive Website:

As over 52% of global internet traffic coming from mobile devices, having a mobile responsive website is crucial. A mobile responsive website changes its layout to offer an experience based on the device being used.

2. Lead Generation

Converting a website visitor to a lead is never an easy task. We have incorporated several methods of contact in the website:

  • WhatsApp
  • Mobile
  • Fixed Lines
  • Online Form
  • Menu Downloads

3. Digital Marketing Campaigns

TripAdvisor Campaign:

During the campaign, we also managed to improve the rankings on TripAdvisor Singapore for Fu Lin Men's restaurants. Its Singapore Recreation Club branch ranked #1 and the Chinese Swimming Club branch ranked #3 among all the 11,000+ restaurants in Singapore for many weeks. Our strategy was simple - to turn brand awareness and brand preference through TripAdvisor into in-store traffic for Fu Lin Men.

Google Rankings:

Through achieving top rankings on TripAdvisor Singapore, Fu Lin Men was able to appear on the first page of Google Singapore for the key phrase, "Best Chinese Restaurants in Singapore".

Facebook Ads for Weddings & Dining:

To amplify the website traffic even further, we ran Facebook ads targeting two groups of people - one at couples looking for wedding venues, and another at people looking for good Chinese restaurants.

Google Ads for Weddings:

On top of the Facebook ads, we also ran Google Search Ads to attract couples who are looking for wedding venues only.

Social Media Posts:

We believe that strong brand trustworthiness is key to a successful business. To tie-in with the digital ad campaigns, social media posts were run concurrently to increase Fu Lin Men's Facebook page likes.We believe that strong brand trustworthiness is key to a successful business. To tie-in with the digital ad campaigns, social media posts were run concurrently to increase Fu Lin Men's Facebook page likes.

4. Customer Loyalty Program

VIP Card:

The buyer's journey should never end after the first purchase. We have to continuously delight and keep them as loyal customers. To achieve this, we have implemented a loyalty program for Fu Lin Men based on its VIP Card and it is filled with exclusive discounts.

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The Results

Within 15 weeks since the launch of the campaigns, we have seen an incredible spike in digital engagement, requests, and reservations.

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