Accurate and Comprehensive Business Databases for Singapore,
Asia and the world

Business databases, company databases and contact databases for Singapore, Asia and the world.

Databases are the markets for Singapore and Asia

We are the exclusive channel partner of Tendata in Singapore.

Business Databases For Exporters in Singapore, Asia and the World

Reliable Trade Databases, Company Databases and Contact Databases

Based on the official import and export trade statistics of over 38 countries, Tendata provides you with accurate business data on international trade through advanced search engines and big data analytics.

If you are looking for new customers in other markets for your export business, Tendata will enable you to:

  • Build a list of Potential Buyers based on their purchase records over the past 3 years
  • Establish a comprehensive data bank of detailed contact information on the key decision makers of Potential Buyers
  • Create a faster path from prospects to profitable relationships through sending emails to them using the Tendata email engine, regardless where they are in the world
  • Understand who the customers of your competitors are and how much your competitors sold to each of them in the past 3 years.

You can do all these through the Tendata portal in the comfort of your office or at home.

As a result, Tendata helps you save time, efforts and marketing funds.

Business Databases For Buyers of Products in Singapore and Asia

If you are a buyer sourcing for suppliers, Tendata can provide you with the best sources for the products that you want, their business volumes and contact email addresses.

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The Complete DIY Guide to Improving Conversion Rates

Be a Conversion Rate Optimization Expert in 60 Days

The Complete DIY Guide to Improving Conversion Rate Optimization

Everything You Need to Start Improving Conversion Rates

Your website is a one-stop shop for all possible information for your business, products, and services. Traffic from a variety of channels — organic, paid, social, email, and more — will visit your website. It is your job, as a marketer, to not only entice them to your website but also to convert them into something more than a just a visitor.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process marketers go through to turn their website visitors into leads, prospects, and eventually, a customer. While a simple term, in theory, it’s not as simple of a process in practice. CRO requires time, dedication, and a willingness to learn.

We know how daunting and time-consuming CRO can be. That’s why we published an 8-week planner to help you learn and implement a CRO process into your marketing strategy. In just 60 days, you will become a CRO expert for your business and website. 

What's Inside the Conversion Rate Optimization Guide?

  • How to conduct a conversion rate audit
  • Construct hypotheses and prioritize them
  • Identify areas to improve in your funnel
  • Choose the right experiment and split testing 101
  • Understand why and what your users do on your site
  • Analyze and learn from your experiment results


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